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A freshly severed foot is perfectly placed on the rusty steel trap. It is covered in a mixture of dried and fresh blood. You notice that the spring is in place and the trap is live.(DNA testing reveals the foot belongs to a male, deceased for only a few hours. There are slash marks on the back of the ankle, nearly severing the achilles tendon. The cut through the flesh and bone is jagged. Bits of raw flesh are hanging off the teeth of the trap.)(Roll 1/2 to see if the trap activates: 2 sets off the trap)

A bloody, serrated hunting knife is lodged in the tree. Below " STAY AWAY" has been carved into the bark.(the blade handle has been wiped clean)

There are fresh tracks on the dirt path: a set of boot prints that are a size 8 and a set of what look like either a large dog or wolf prints.

The blood appears fresh and has a slightly tacky texture. It is human.

(Full screen the image and click on the top right button to see the interactive points)