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New Picture Books

Poem In My Pocket by Chris TougasIn this fanciful tale depicting the ups and downs of a writer's journey, a child is horrified to discover that all the words from a most carefully written poem have escaped through a ripped pocket.Click here to view our catalog and reserve a copy.

What the Kite Saw by Anne Laurel CarterIn this memorable story, a young boy finds solace flying his kite from the rooftop after soldiers take his father and brother away. Without his father and brother, the young boy's life is turned upside down. He and his family have to stay inside, along with everyone else in town. At suppertime, he can't stop looking at the two empty places at the table and his sister can't stop crying. The boy looks out the window and is chilled to see a tank's spotlight searching the park where he plays with his friends. He hears shouts and gunshots and catches sight of someone running in the street -- if only they could fly away, he thinks.Each day the curfew is lifted briefly, and the boy goes to the park to see his friends. One day, inspired by the wind in the trees, he has an idea. Back at home he makes a kite, and that night he flies it from his rooftop, imagining what it can see.Click here to view our catalog and reserve a copy.

Your Life Matters by Chris SingletonConfronted with daily racism, Black children are encouraged and supported by artists, athletes, writers, performers, and leaders who tell them that their lives matter. Includes brief biographies of the famous people featured in the illustrations.Click here to view our catalog and reserve a copy.

Jenny Mei Is Sad by Tracy Subisak A picture book about sadness uniquely told from the friend's point of view as she does her best to comfort her friend Jenny Mei.Click here to view our catalog and reserve a copy.

The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess by Tom GauldWhen a wooden robot prince forgets to say the magic words that turn his sister from a log into a princess she is thrown away, so he goes on an epic journey to find her and bring her back.Click here to view our catalog and reserve a copy.

Pangolina by Jane GoodallFriendly, curious Pangolina-a member of the only mammalian species with scales-spends a happy childhood with her mother and other animals in the forest. But all pangolins are in danger because their scales are prized by humans who wrongly believe they have curative powers. One day a hunter captures Pangolina and takes her to sell in a market. To the rescue comes a small girl who knows that pangolins are friendly fellow creatures who have feelings, too.Click here to view our catalog and reserve a copy.

We Are All Under One Wide Sky by Deborah WilesFrom two clouds to ten whirligigs to two sleepyheads, counts ordinary things that show how small our planet is and that, no matter where we live, we are connected under one wide sky.Click here to view our catalog and reserve a copy.

What Does Little Crocodile Say? by Eva MontanariA little crocodile explores the first day of preschool in this colorful book filled with sounds and new experiences, some wonderful, some not.Click here to view our catalog and reserve a copy.

Amara and the Bats by Emma ReynoldsAmara loves bats, so when she learns there are none near her new home due to habitat loss, she overcomes her feelings of helplessness and inspires her community to take action. Includes facts about bats and bat houses.Click here to view our catalog and reserve a copy.