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Love this roller-coaster ride?

What are the best things about being a young adult?

February/March 2021

3E students of the Secondary School of Economics in Slavonski Brod, Croatia,think about... and fight...

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Why is adolescence described as a "roller-coaster ride"?

Negative sides of COVID-19 adolescence?

Being a Teen -Awesome!

by Petra

In these years we have a lot of ups and downs, a lot of tthings that we need to decide... that may determine our future...

Love this roller-coaster ride?

Probably the fact that slowly everyone is looking at you as an adult and, in fact, you are not, so we have more opportunities for fun.We can also find a job that does not have to be permanent...and we can still act like children without anyone looking at us strangely :D

February/March 2021

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The Best ThingaboutBeing a Young Adult

Being a Teen -Awesome?

Negative sides of(COVID-19) adolescence?

Negative? School in general, secondary, but mostly college and enrolling in it... We need to start deciding on our future at this age.If someone does not decide to go to college, (s)he must start looking for a job.I am glad to have perfect friends with whom I can share my problems and who will always listen to me. Everyone needs such people to be able to "survive" through life.

February/March 2021

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I do not feelthat muchpressurefrom anyone (maybe sometimes), but I also know a lot of other people who feel a lot of pressure.

by Petra

Sometimes people don't like something you do, your style or opinion. It usually leads to bullying. People can be really mean. For me that isn't a problem because I don't care at all and I have amazing friends that support absolutely everything. But some young adults have the darkest years of their lives because they don't feel accepted. (Leonarda)

Is the World Pink or Blue?


February/March 2021

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Girls have been defined as the weaker gender throughout history. Girls are emotional, they talk a lot, they can’t drive, they just know how to cook. As said before defining a person is done by the person itself, and people should not be scared to show emotions, they put up the best in us, as well the worst.

Children have been brought up to this world surrounded by stereotypes.From gender all the way up to race stereotypes.

Boys have been taught to be strong,be the backbone of the family, not to show emotions.Some of those stereotypes are true or partially true, because stereotypes are based on facts otherwise it would be just a gossip or meaningless words. Gender should not define your strength or your qualities, it is your personality and actions that define you, boy or girl.

Parents are not the only ones that put stereotypes on children it is the society. Society changing everyday and so are the prejudice, they should not affect us and the people around us. by Ivan

by Iris

Did you know that there is no such thing as a typical boy or girl behavior? Throughout the years we have been told that women are caring, gentle and kind and men are… well not so much. Because of that, we have all started to believe it and use that information in our everyday life.Do you ever ask yourself if that is true or are we all just trying to fit in?

Are gender-based stereotypes wrong?

I am sure some boys are like that naturally, but most boys I know are nothing like that. It is almost like we have this filter over our eyes when we look at men and the way they behave. Have you ever seen a man cry and not feel at least a little bit guilty after that? Have you ever seen a teenage boy hug his friend without saying "no homo“? Probably not. I know way more kind, considerate boys than girls.We are not all that different, we are just affected by thousands of years' old beliefs. Boys are called feminine when they show "too much“ emotion. As a woman speaking I would like to inform you that I would rather have a "feminine“man next to me than the "alpha“ male who is trying to fit society's likings...

"Boys will be boys“. I feel like I can speak for everyone and say I have heard this phrase way too many times. What does it even mean? We can look at it from way way back in time. Man's job was to provide for his family, hunt, and go to war. For that reason, men are looked at as more aggressive, rude, and less emotional beings.Is it not funny how still after all these years men are portrayed the same? Sure, some things do not change that much but I do not think it is fair to use the same stereotypes today. Boys are taught not to cry, be strong and... a famous sentence BE A MAN. Because of that, they are also expected to be rude, aggressive, and not in touch with their feelings.

by Iris

ACT PRETTY is one of the most confusing things I have ever heard, yet people tell me that every day.Even though we have come a long way from our task in the world just to giving birth, some things still have not changed.Women are born with some mother like senses right? It does not mean that they have to act like it.

Are gender-based stereotypes wrong?

We are not that different at all, who knew? I hope that one day people will not be called feminine or manly but just strong, emotional, independent, polite…I hope girls will raise their voices even higher and boys let their feelings rule. Lastly, I hope we will all be able to see a person and not assume anything about them. It is a long long way to go, but I have a lot of trust and hope in the generations to come.

It is expected from a girl to smile, stay still, walk gracefully, say thank you and sorry. But for a girl to yell, shout, curse, be angry or just speak for herself is such a disgrace in our society, or so they say.Well as a girl let me tell you something. I am not the kindest, most polite, or considerate person. I know a lot of boys that are much better at it than me, my brother for example. See, I do not even know if I want to have kids. But what I do know is that I can be very loud, vocal and if needed rude to get what I want.How are we supposed to fight for equality and still be our expected graceful selves when we have to shout to be heard, jump to be seen, and aggressive to be taken seriously. Girls should be shown how they are, strong, unapologetically themselves, ready to take the world. Not while being as manly as they want, but by being as strong as they can.

by Nikolina M.

As we grow up we will often hear our parents tell us: "You are a girl, how can you be so aggressive?" or "Crying is not for boys, you are too soft".As kids we don't understand it fully so we take it as a side comment, but what we don't realise is that that one comment can decide what we will think in the future.

Girls as Pearls vs Boys as Noise

There is a big chance that stereotypes about how boys and girls should and shouldn't act run in every society. I will mention only two.Many people believe that boys tend to be rude and aggressive, which implies that they have bad temper, they can be loud and are ready to fight fists other than talk things out. So they are taught from young age that it is okay to fight and let thir anger out in the open.

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As they made boys be the "unreasonable image", they had to make girls be the "reasonable image".Society beliees that girls are mostly kind and considerate, which of course goes prefectly with their role of being caring mothers and wives. Because of this stereotype girls are not allowed to react the way they want, but the way the society expects.

These two stereotypes were made because people started noticing the difference between two genders and wanted to have them act in a certain way, without thinking that not every person has the same nature.As far as I'm concerned a person is free to act as he/she pleases and should know that these stereotypes weren't made to be followed like rules but only to be seen as the proof that every person is unique in it's own way.

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by Sara

There is a fact that young people today grow up on prejudices and stereotypes. It is not just the family that is to blame, but it is also the media and our entire environment.

How many stereotypes actually apply to adolescent girls and how many to adolescent boys?

Another, maybe not so famous stereotype, this time about the boys. They find it difficult to talk to about their feelings. That is where the question arises - why? Nobody forbids them to show how they feel. On the contrary, if they show their feelings, girls will appreciate them more. Boys are also human beings, and they have feelings like everybody else.

What about gossip? When it comes to gossip, probably the first "thing" you think about are girls. They are always there to gossip no matter where they are. You can rarely find a girl who does not have that need. However, not only girls do that job. What about boys? The boys are also in it. Sometimes they are keener on gossip than girls.

As far as I am concerned these stereotypes are meaningless and they just shape prejudices towards the opposite sex. We do not know what to expect in the future. But, we need to think about how we can break these stereotypes. Let us be the ones who make changes!

by Leonarda

Let's talk boys!

Why are boys considered less emotional than girls? Is it really the case or is it just that society made you think it's true? Why is it that when boys talk about feelings it makes them "weak"? But then, when they express their emotion the only way they know how to, they are considered rude and aggressive.

He was quite a vulgar person back then. I have no idea how he is now but I doubt he has changed much. He'd insult me in ways that seemed like a joke, but also make me question if he really meant it. He was rude and aggressive to some. I knew that it was how he expressed himself. He thought that was the only way he would seem "tough". He was so afraid of other people's opinions. Afraid that if he talked about his feelings people would see him as less of a man. I stopped talking to him because he made me feel bad about myself. I tried to help him but he was just so caught up in being this specific type of a person - this bad, rude, aggressive, vulgar person, the "man" type. 

I once talked to a boy who had always insulted guys that showed their feminine side. He always got so incredibly mad at just what they would wear or how they would talk. I found it bizarre how he felt so affected by it. Then it came to me. He's jealous. He never talked about his emotions and when he did, he'd say that it didn't matter and to just forget about it. I never did. I always encouraged him to keep talking, telling him I'm listening. It made me sad.

Honestly, I find it ridiculous. How can the society make you feel the way it made him feel? How can it make you not be a good person because that would mean you "act like a girl". I am aware that not all men are like that. Some think of it the same way as I do. But some are like that friend of mine.  So, now, after reading this, ask yourselves if you are considering boys' emotions as much as girls'. And if you aren't, fix it! Make sure that men around you feel accepted, like they can talk about their feelings without being judged. Appreciate them. Acknowledge their feelings. Help them be them.

Girls are kind and considerate,while boys are rude and aggressive...But - is this true?

by Laura P.

Girls are always shown as kind, considerate, innocent human beings. Girls are often not like that. Especially in this modern world, on social media girls are always evil for no reason, not just to boys, but to each other.It is great that we have finally got our own rights, but that does not mean we should hate men and it does not give us the right to be mean to everyone. We need to respect each other.

In most girls' opinion, boys are seen as rude, aggressive and arrogant human beings. As far as I am concered, that is unfair. I think men are really cool. They do not gossip as much as girls do. They know how to enjoy life. They do care about us, they just do not say it - they show it.So why do girls see boys like that? Maybe because they got hurt by boys and they think it is going to be like that again. But it will not be like that because not all boys are like that!

I just want to say that we should not hate anyone. Even if we have reasons to, just forgive them or forget about them - because life is too short to spend it on hating. We need to enjoy life.

Adolescence:Feelings, Sports & Gadgets- Bringing them Together

by Fiorella

Hard to talk about your feelings? Do you like sports and gad1gets? There is one word that answers these questions - YES!It is the same for all adolescents.

In my opinion, unfortunately, nowadays it is very difficult for adolescents to talk about feelings and emotions. Everyone is afraid to open up so that they wouldn't be hurt again because someone has already hurt them. Also, everyone needs time to start trusting the person so much. Obviously, "trust is gained by stairs and goes down by elevator" - everyone learns this over the years.In adolescence, it is extremely important to do some kind of sport, no matter which one. If you want to do something on your own but if you want to do it with friends it is not possible because of COVID-19.

What can adolescents do to stop these problems? As far as I am concerned, adolescents need to communicate more with friends using gadgets, communicate with family, do more sports, be motivated to be positive, cheerful, and happy. Go to nature for fresh air to clarify your feelings a little.

It’s hard to talk about feelings, but there are some things we can do to prevent them.  Hopefully, one-day all adolescents will be able to talk about feelings does sport be happy, positive, and cheerful.

Are stereotypes about adolescent girl and boys true?

by Marta

Have you ever heard someone say that adolescent girls love to gossip, and adolescent boys are into sports?If yes, you have probably heard a lot of stereotypes about adolescent girls and boys, but have you ever asked yourself if these were necessarily true?

When it comes to adolescent girls, a lot of people tend to conclude that they are always gossiping, that they love fashion and shopping and that they are kind and considerate.This indicates that all adolescent girls are like this. Some adolescent girls are not into these things, and it can be a problem because society can view them as 'outcasts' simply because they don't fit these stereotypes. 

On the other side, adolescent boys are viewed in a completely different way. Society says that adolescent boys have a tendency to be rude and agressive, that they love sports and gadgets, and that they find it difficult to talk about their feelings.Sadly, this stereotype leaves a scar on boys because if they show their feelings, they are viewed as weak people, which makes them suppress their feelings. 

In conlusion, stereotypes are not good because they indicate that everyone is the same, which is not the case. Thankfully, society is slowly encouraging adolescent boys and girls to do as they wish, as long as it does not harm others.

Stereotypes: unfair, rude and unnecessary

by Petra

People have always talked about the typical stereotypes of men and women. But are these stereotypes correct? Do reverse situations happen? Men and women are often divided as two completely different groups of beings as if they have different thoughts in everything. Unfortunately, everyone has seen it that way at least once from their own perspective. 

First, there is the expression of feelings. It is often said that men are not good or do not want to express their feelings. In some parts, this is true, only because that particular man cares about it or if he is convinced that it must be so. A lot of men are forced into such behavior and if they show emotions, they are considered "little girls". Some men, of course, have resisted these stereotypes and behave like normal human beings, full of emotion.

Alongside the expression of feelings, they also speak of rudeness and aggressiveness. Men are considered aggressive and rude, it has always been that way. Wars and history in general have left an impact and impression on how today´s people look at men. Throughout history, they have been portrayed as rude and aggressive, although not everyone was like that at the time.

Will people start being fair and stop being conservative one day? We can only hope. I think every day there are more and more people who think realistically and fairly. I think that just such a topic should be mentioned more often and that people will slowly become freer in expressing their true selves.

NEWSPAPERcreatedby 3E students & their English teacher (Secondary School of Economics, Slavonski Brod)within the eTwinning project Sustainable Schools 4 Sustainable EUrope(promoting SD Goal 5: Gender Equality)