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WHERE DOES COPYRIGHT APPLY?This license, which is the best known, is used to indicate that only the author can use the created work and be the person who does what he want with it. In the event that we want to use someone´s work we would have to pay for it first and then ask for permission.

WHERE DO WE FIND DATA PROTECTION?The protection of personal data is located within the field of study of Computer Law, the right of information, human rights and constitutional law.

WHAT DO THE SYMBOLS MEAN?©This symbol is used to copyright notices for works other that sound recordings. The use of symbol is described in Universal copyright Convention.®This symbol is used to indicate that a trademark has already been registered, be it a product or a service. When a trademark is represented by this symbol it is because the registration has already been approved in this territory.™️ It is a symbol that represents the brand of a product. This acronym in English means "trademark", which in Spanish means "marca comercial". This symbol is also often used for business marks, even for litigation situations in court. It´s normally used for unregistered trademarks,

COPYRIGHT DEFINITIONCopyright represents the author's rights granted to the creators of a literary work, musical theme or scientific article, among others.WHAT TYPES OF WORKS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT ?The types of works that are protected by copyright are: books, songs, movies, musical works, paintings, maps, graphic desing, choreography, comics and drawings.

WHAT IF I SKIP THE COPYRIGHT?If you had received a notice for copyright infringement it means that the copyright have reported your video or the work tht you copy, expressly asking the social media to remove it for violating the copyright.They will remove all the videos or works that you have uploaded to your account. You will not be able to create other account.The law establishes that whoever violates the laws, the deprivation of liberty will be from 3 to 10 years, and a penalty ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 days of fine, all with the purpose of reducing the offending users.

DATA PROTECTION DEFINITIONData protection refers to the fundamental principles, safeguards and practices in place to protect your personal information and ensure that you remain in control of it.

WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU SKIP THE DATA PROTECTION LAW?The type of infractions you cancommil can vary, from the minor to the most serious. Sactions are imposed according to some sections as per what is estimated in each specific case.Minor infractions: you will have to pay between 900€ and 40.000€.Minor infractions: you will have to pay between 40.000€ and 300.000€Serious offenses: you will have to pay between 300.000€ and 600.000€