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What is this? How old do you think it is? What are all the different parts?Click on the play button to hear Museum expert Stuart tell you about this diving suit.

Astronauts are similar to divers, they wear space suits to keep them safe in the harsh environment of outer space. To explore and work in space, human beings must take the conditions of Earth’s environment with them because in space there is no atmospheric pressure and no oxygen to sustain life.

The diver is cleaning the windows in our Tidal Zone. Barnacles and limpets love our windows!To explore underwater divers need special equipment. What is this diver wearing to keep him safe underwater?What do you think the diver is signalling?

Here's some equipment that a diver will need:A mask so they can see clearly.A wetsuit to keep the diver warm in cold water and to protect their skin from cuts and stings.Divers wear fins on their feet to help them swim through the water.A snorkel to breath through when they are close to the surface of the water.They carry tanks filled with breathable oxygen so they can breathe underwater.Deep sea divers need a special suit to the protect them from the heavy pressure of the ocean and to maintain the pressure inside their suit. A modern example is the Newtsuit which allows the diver to move easily in high pressure environments.