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Turkey - Guzelbahce (Yelki)


Yaren Ozkaya Middle School is a local school in Guzelbahce / Yelki. The founder of the school is Oguzhan Ozkaya who started to give education with private classes in 2005. It has been known its quality of education. If the students want to choose our school at first they must attend an exam and according to this exam we look at their results and take them to our successful school. You can see 10 or 12 students in each classes. We give importance to our students. They are really valuable for us. That's why we have 10 students in each classroom. We try to keep in touch every student and we solve their problem as soon as possible. In our system, we don't give any homework to our students on weekdays. Because our aim is to solve all the problems that students face to face in the school time. During our Academic Year in the morning we have the lessons and, in the afternoon, we have revisions of the morning lessons. That's why if the students cannot understand the subject, they have the chance of asking and revising of the lesson. By the way, we have lots of clubs which students can do karate, play scrabble, play chess and have practices of speaking English. Our school is a Private local middle school. Our aim is to provide students outstanding learning and teaching that helps students to learn not only the subjects but also learn the life and overcome their weaknesses. There are 296 students and 37 teachers in our school. The students age is between 11 to 14. We have Science, Mathematics, Art, Music, Physical Education, English, Social Studies, Drama, Robotics, English Drama Lessons, Chess Clubs, Karate Clubs, Art Clubs, Music Clubs, Conversation Clubs, Scrabble Clubs and Cambridge Exam Preparation lessons. Our aim is to make all the students a man of the world. That's why we care about learning foreign languages and attending lots of national and international projects like Erasmus. Having education with lots of experiences is amazing thing so we think that they must have these experiences in their life. The key people of this project are: NESRIN YALCIN –ENGLISH TEACHER YAGMUR HIYAL- HISTORY TEACHER SERAP OGUZ- TURKISH TEACHER

PORTUGAL - Póvoa de Varzim


Agrupamento de Escplas Dr. Flávio Gonçalves, is located in northern Portugal in the city of Póvoa de Varzim at 25 Km away from Porto. A sandy coastal plain whose main activity is fishing, agriculture in the dunes, the seaweed harvesting and tourism. The sea has always had primacy in our culture and economy. Most students typically live in nuclear families. However, emerge reconstituted families, single parents and cases of emigration and immigration. Our school is a general secondary school which includes classes from pre-school (23 students), primary (681 students), secondary education (1111 students) and a vocational training class with 21 students. At present there are 1836 enrolled students ranging from 3-15 years old, 141 teachers, a psychologist and 45 non-teaching staff. The school has participated over the years in national activities articulated with universities (Porto, Aveiro and Minho) such as Olympics of the Portuguese language, biology, chemistry and mathematics. It has also developed other projects in cooperation with the City Hall, the Municipal Library and Municipal Museum such as interdisciplinary activities and inter-schools’ sports. In 2014-2015 the school took first place in a competition of the European Commission entitled "I'm European" and in the last two years the school was involved in two Erasmus projects. Erasmus project will contribute to the overall development of students, to promote success and prevent them from leaving school, forming autonomous citizens who should be responsible, caring, respectful of others and their ideas, open to dialogue and able in democracy, integrated and engaged in the social environment that surrounds them. The key persons of this project are: - Maria das Dores Freitas - she's the headmaster of the school and the responsible of the whole project. She is going to control budget, supervise the activities and follow the project process. - Anabela Torre - the contact person of this project, is a school librarian and art teacher, who has experience in the interdisciplinary use and in teaching other subjects. She has experience in European projects, having participated in Comenius partnership and Erasmus+ Projects. - Ernestina Silva - the foreign language teacher, has experience in providing linguistic support to Portuguese students in European Commission contests and in European projects such as Erasmus+ projects. - Maria Antónia Ferreira - who is a History and training teacher, has experience in active citizenship and related areas: differentiated learning, conflict management, special education, interpersonal relations and pedagogies (certified by the National Council of Education).

ITALY - Francavilla Al Mare (Ortona)


Born in 1972 a branch of the Science Lyceum of Chieti, Lyceum "Volta" obtained autonomy in 1979; in 1985 it was transferred to the current headquarters and annexed the detached section of the Guardiagrele Scientific Lyceum in 1987/88. Since the year 2002, the strong increase in the school population has made it necessary to set up a branch, located near the headquarters. Since 2004 a separate section of the Science Lyceum has been set up in Ortona to host the local students. Starting from September 2014, the "A. Volta" Scientific High School aggregated the branch of Ortona of the "G. B. Vico" Classical Lyceum of Chieti, became the "A. Volta" Higher Education Institute. Nowadays, our school has 600 students in the three locations of Francavilla and Ortona. Our school: - has won in the school. 20016/07 a competition organized by the province of Chieti on environmental issues and then participated in a cultural exchange with the Balearic island of Minorca; - has participated twice in the project POR of scientific technical orientation OTS as a partner school of the University "G. D'Annunzio" of Chieti, involving students in geological visits and in the days of full immersion orientation within the structure of the Campus of Chieti; - participated in the competition organized by the Abruzzo region for EXPO 2015 with a project entitled "Eat well, live better, pollute less: from good land to good food" that has ranked in the excellence sector allowing a selected group of students to participate in the event - has competed and obtained funding for two projects of food education, "The glass in the classroom" and "In search of a correct food style" with guided tours in wineries and agritourism farms and with chocolate tasting lessons and wine analysis - won the first provincial prize of the concurrence of the CHAMBER of COMMERCE of Chieti "ALTERNATE STORIES" with the project of the scientific-classical high school of Ortona "FROM THE EARTH TO THE EARTH THROUGH A GOBLET" - has obtained funding from the ESF PON School - Skills and Environments for learning for the project "GEOPHYSICS - GEOLOGY IN CAMPANIA" - held a LANGUAGE STAGE with a week-long stay in Edinburgh with attendance of a 20-hour English language course held by mother tongue teachers at a certified language centre - performs every year FRANCAVILLAERDING EXCHANGE-CULTURE: presentation of didactic modules on Erding and Francavillapresentation of the pupils participating in the exchange by filling out forms containing personal information and contacts via social networks. The key persons for this project are: Liliana DE VINCENTIIS (F) – teacher of Italian literature, History and Geography Paola FINIZIO (F) – teacher of Maths and Physics Patrizia VAINI (F) – teacher of Biology Cinzia D’ERAMO (F) – teacher of literature Grazie DI PETRO (F) – teacher of Foreign Languages

ROMANIA - Craiova

Liceul Voltaire

Voltaire High School from Craiova, established under the patronage of University of Craiova 3 years ago, have a very attractive offer for the upper secondary education: humanistic profile – into philology and social science, both an intensive taught French profile; mathematical-computer science and natural sciences. In our school are enrolled 270 students aged between 14-19. 30% from students come from rural area. 8% are from different nationalities or Romanian students who attended secondary schools in different EU countries, Congo and Iran, and 12% are students whose parents are abroad. The pedagogical staff, which is highly qualified, consists of 28 teachers and educational specialists This project corresponds to the mission of our institution: to build school identity and individuality by promoting European values, equal opportunities and by developing an educational offer in accordance with national and European standards, to ensure rapid socio-professional insertion of graduates in the labor market. We take an active role in shaping a new system encouraging the spread of European culture and citizenship amongst high-school students. Apart from the internationalization pathway, one main objective for our school is the innovation of teaching methodologies. The project team consists of permanent teachers’ active participants in various Comenius, eTwinning & Erasmus+ projects and the accountant of the school to ensure a proper financial management. Popi Dorina, the headmistress of the high school implemented eTwinning projects and coordinated an European project Leonardo da Vinci. Pilea Camelia, responsible of the commission of quality and evaluation in the school, Beneficiary of LLP and Erasmus + grants coordinated a Comenius Multilateral Partnership "United Europe is in our eyes" and several projects K1 in the youth field. Pandelica Iuliana, responsible of the Commission for European projects, beneficiary of LLP and Erasmus + mobilities, was the coordinator of the project K1 school mobilities and several eTwinning projects Through the projects „English Opens up the world", "Getting to Know Europe", "Multicultural and intercultural education", "Chants, sons sur scène", "Atelier cinéma" the school aims to promote cultural diversity, multilingualism and to encourage language learning. Furthermore, we developed non-violence, non-discrimination activities to promote active citizenship among young people like "Youth in center" "Stop! Do not be the victim " No hate, with tolerance”. We already have some international projects on music, dance and art "Mon patrimoine et moi!" in partnership with a high school from France and another one with a high school from Toulouse. As far as Erasmus+ projects are concerned, the school is partner in two KA201 Erasmus+ projects with the University of Craiova and universities and high school from France and Italy: TERAPI and ACTECIM.

SPAIN - Marchena (Sevilla)


Our school is located in Marchena, Sevilla , Andalucía, in the southern of Spain. Marchena has currently more than 20,000 inhabitants, among which is a large group of immigrants. The socioeconomic level is heterogeneous. In general, predominate workers and working families where both spouses are employed, with low levels of education. Most are related to agriculture and construction sectors hardy hit by the economic crisis. Moreover, in some neighborhoods of the center, and increasingly more often dominated families of many nationalities and ethnic groups, creating situations - although minor - risk of social exclusion. We have a small group of immigrants from different backgrounds having different levels of integration. Something similar happens with the student comes from the Center for Minors "Santa Teresa", although the problems related to school life is higher in this group. Finally, it should also be made to a large group of gypsy students, usually after passing through the CEIP Our Lord Jesus, continue their studies at our center. Are well integrated and they don't usually have problems related to coexistence, although with absenteeism, something generalized to the three groups mentioned above. Our center also welcomes students with special educational needs, and we have to attend to specific classroom by three specialist teachers. The current staff in our center is of 57 teachers. The family’s characteristics of our studentsare also reflected in the teaching-learning process. The majority of parents who are not interested on the teaching-learning process of their children, they not visit us. Also, nowadays, we have a total of 47 students with various special needs for educational support, including two autists students. López de Arenas Secondary School has carried out school exchanges with other secondary schools from France since the school year 2001-2002. The teachers involved in the project will be the teachers teaching English and French to our students, all of them having some knowledge of English and French Literature and experience in previous school exchanges and European programs (such as Etwinning and Erasmus +) and they are the following ones: -Gerónimo Escacena Pascual – Teacher of English (with experience as a coordinator in a Comenius European project and many Students Exchanges in different countries). -María Ruiz Benavides – Teacher of English -Ana María Rodríguez Guisado – Teacher of English - Mario López Maqueda – Teacher of English – Manuel Trigueros León – Teacher of French, with ten-year experience in school exchanges with different cities in France. -Luis Fernando Hidalgo Romero – Teacher of Technology in bilingual project -Juan Miguel Borrego Martín – Teacher of Technology in bilingual project, with experience both as coordinator and participant in several Erasmus+ Programs. He has some experience in other exchanges out of European programs.

GREECE - Katerini (Volos)


The 5th secondary school is located in Volos, a city in the center of Greece. It's one of the most centrally located schools in the town of Volos and one of the oldest schools in the town. This school includes about 250 children (aged 12-15 years old) and 25 teachers for all school subjects. A few immigrant students – mainly from Albania and Bulgaria – attend it due to the large flow of refugees. In our country, and our area in particular, is it expected that an increased number of students – refugees from non-European countries will attend our school in the next school year. There are also certain cases of Greek and foreign students with several economic and family problems, which are often the case of dropping out of school. . The school caters for their smooth socialisation, via teamwork with peers, aiming at the production of team projects and programmes. As regards students’ assessment, what is generally taken into account is performance in each subject as well as the degree to which the goals see by the teacher have been accomplished. Students’ eagerness, conduct and participation in several programmes /extra curricular activities are specific criteria of the overall evaluation. Our students are particularly sensitized towards literature, culture, history, European values as well as social issues (eg the refugee issue) as revealed through the list of extra-curricular activities and programmes undertaken in our school. Participants' team has been selected by the Principal according to their linguistic and ICT competences and for their certified experiences on similar issues. The headmaster Mrs Garifallou together with Mrs Ria Sotiraki, responsible for the EU projects Erasmus+ implementation, want to act out their propension in developing talented school staff's potentialities according to the new technological challenges so as to let them share their experience, acquire factive competences, developing their CV s in such a direction. Likewise in order to enhance students' skills they monitor and evaluate all departments acting as mentors preventing likely issues and promoting a direct and active application of multimedia and of the new methodological approaches. According to this vision the experience matured by Mrs Garifallou and some components of the staff in previous Comenius and Erasmus+ enabled the courses participants to tailor-make their own methodology and to disseminate the new approaches so as to effectively measure learning outcomes, starting from students' needs, their perspective, thus limiting the high rate of early school leaving. This project would be a further occasion to acquire new competences and to actualize them properly. As a result, teachers sustain good relationships with their students in a cooperative atmosphere, where they encourage and support their efforts.

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