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Providing personal information, infographic


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NAMES Names can include several elements. Let's look at one long example. Mrs. Kelly Antoinette Alderson = Kelly A. Alderson eee Mrs.: Title: These titles give you some information about the person. Let's look at a few. WriteSayMeaningMr.Misterfor a manMrs.Missesfor a married womanMissMissfor an unmarried womanMs.Mi/z/Mainly used in North America: for both married and unmarried women.Dr.Doctoroften for people with a P.h.D Kelly: First name/Given name: The particular name that usually identifies individuals. Antoinette (or A.): Middle name: An additional given name. People may or may not have it. In the case of those who do, they typically have their middle names shortened to one initial (like A.) or omitted altogether. Alderson: Last name/Surname: Part of your name that identifies your family. You typically share surnames with your siblings, parents and children

PHONE NUMBER Let's take a look at one example in Colombia: (+57) 301-947-2971 At the beginning, the +57 is the county code for Colombia. If someone is calling this number from another country, like the US or Mexico, they will likely need to dial that number as well. In English, you usually say the number digit by digit. For example 301-947-2971 three oh* one / nine four seven / two nine seven one *Notice that you typically say "oh" rather than "zero" to represent 0.

ADRESS An adress tell you where to find a place in a town or city. Specific systems will vary from city to city.

WEBSITE Granted. Unless you are a blogger or a self-employed entrepreneur, you as an individual citizen are unlikely to have your own website. This is typically relevant for companies, businesses, offices, and the like. Let's look at the elements that make up a website URL: www.dandaksyma.com/products/jelly-donuts ElementExplanationPunctuation . dot / slash - hyphen/dash _ underscoreDomainThese give you additional information about the specific website. Let's look at some domains:.com general public.org organization.gov government agency.edu educational institution.fr from France.ar from Argentina.de from Germany.ru from Russia

USERNAME Some social media, like Facebook, require a user name. you can write it and say it in a way very similar to a website.

HANDLE Some social media, such as Twitter and Instagram, give you a user name preffixed by the at-sign (@). For instance: @Dandaksyma You can find our business at (@) Dandaksyma

EMAIL ADDRESS An email address lets other people send you emails. Let's read one email address as an example. mikhailov_petr@yandex.ru The first part before the at-sign (@) is the individual identifier, which is unique for every email address. It can contain dots ( . ) hyphens/dashes ( - ) and underscores ( _ ). The part after the at-sign (@) is the provider, usually the company that provides support to the email address.