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What are the working conditions in the english industrial revolution ?

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The industrial revolution is a period that start in the 19th century in Great-Britain, which has been a time of technology and social progress. The latest has led to social inegalities and horrible conditions. By our game, we will try to show you and explain you the hard time it was for workers.

The truth

-You have to roll the dice twice and you use the sum to play
-If you fall beyond a circle, join it and click it to answer the question. If you miss, it's ok you will just have to wait the next turn. If you succeed, you can replay. If you fall before a circle, you sleep and wait for next turn.
-If you fall on the grey stone of the labor, you have to skip your next turn.
-Answer only one question by circle when done, click outside of the window to return to the board game, don't click on the on both sides.
-If you do a double you can re-roll


Click on the house on the chest only when you have won.

You have fallen on the labor stone. You will have to skip one turn to commemorate all those workers that have been exploited.

If you are there, that means that you won, so well played, you have gained knowledge of the industrial revolution field. The industrial revolution has brought many social reforms. The social class appeared, and the working class have been severely affected. This poor category of the population has been mistreated. Precariousness, poor nutrition, insalubrity and tiredness surrounded them at home during the few hours of rest they had. They then went to work, in long days of tedious work (15 hours a day) where the dangers of machines and diseases did not let them go (crushed, scalp ripped off, scrotum cancer especially for little boys). The working conditions were therefore inhuman, the small classes were exploited and enriched by the men already well privileged by their birth. Subsequently, popular opinion and authors such as Charles Dickens will oppose these dehumanizing ways, politicians will therefore try to stem these work processes.

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The laws for workers in the industrial revolution

When does the first law for workers appear ?

At thebeginning of the year 1833

At the beginning of the year 1933

At the end of the year 1833

Board game

Seriously ? Read again !

Well done you are an historian !

Do it properly please.

What is this important machine of the industrial revolution ?

A printing machine

A machine for combing wool

A machine for creating electrical cables

Board game

Good try, but no.

What a sense of observation !

Get a better look !

Question of logic : The poor and harsh working conditions during the Industrial Revolution and harsh workers labour meant that the latest would often suffer from lifelong deformities?



Board game

Indeed, workers could be crushed, get their scalps rpipped off and even get hand deformities

You can, if you feel like it, have a look at current photographs of a scalp ripped off for medical purposes to see the horror of this pain in a work situation.

Less shocking but I warn you for the following photography.

Children affected by facial deformities

Unfortunately no

A. They were working 8 hours a day and were supposed to work 5 hours a day.

B. They were working 14 hours a day and were supposed to work 8 hours a day

C. They were working 15 hours a day and were supposed to work 8 hours a day

d. They were working 16 hours and more and were supposed to work 12 hours a day

Board game

euuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh........ NO !

Not far


No !

What were the working conditions during the industrial revolution according to this picture ?

Workers used dangerous machines and have very long workday

Workers worked dangerously and receive high wages

Board game

The conditions that children worked under during the Industrial Revolution were morbid. They had long and inflexible work hours. According to many studies, these hours ranged from 14 hours a day or 70 hours per week. The child laborers worked in environments that were unhealthy and dangerous to their physical well being. This is the same situation for adult workers.