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Ms. Lichti

  • Where I went to School: Texas Tech University
  • I love running outdoors, reading, traveling, spending time with my 2 nephews, and walking my dog Murphy!
  • What I love most about Kindergarten: I love seeing students explore their interests, become more independent, develop curiosity, and build new friendships! Creating a love for learning with hands-on experiences is so much fun!
  • Fun Fact: I am also a licensed cosmetologist!

Mrs. Calhoun

  • Oklahoma Baptist University
  • Interests: working out, spending time with family, relaxing by the pool, grabbing starbucks, and shopping.
  • The thing I love most about Kindergarten is watching students turn into independent individuals with a love for learning.
  • Fun fact: I’m left handed!

Mrs. Baker


I can honestly tell you that I have my dream job! I come from a long line of educators, so I guess you can say that it was in my blood to become an administrator. My great grandfather was a superintendant and my grandfather and mother were both elementary principals. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and we have two little boys: Ames (7) and Abbott (4). Next year will be my fifth year here at Canyon Creek, and my 11th year in education. I can't wait to come to school everyday and work with your students. Kindergarteners in particular amaze me. I love watching the growth that we get to see as the year goes on. We will have an in person Kindergarten Roundup on May 18th. I look forward to seeing everyone then!



Mrs. Rideout

Assistant Principal



I am honored to be part of the CCE family. This next year will be my second year at Canyon Creek, my 7th year as an assistant principal, and my 16th year as an educator. My husband and I have been married for almost 14 years and have 3 imaginative boys. My goal as an educator is to provide the educational experience and environment I want for my own kids. Today may be the day that makes a difference for even one student. It is an opportunity that may never come again.

Year At A Glance


Next year will be my 25th year of teaching and each year feels like the first when I walk in because the students make it so exciting for me! I am passionate about teaching students how to live a healthy and ACTIVE lifestyle and why it is important to be safe in our movements. PE is fun and games, but it is so many other important life skills too that it keeps each day new and exciting! I look forward to meeting your new Cougar!

Ms. S

Ms. Vanlandingham

Coach Robertson

In music class we use music in all kinds of ways. We move our bodies to music by playing games, dancing, and acting it out; we make music by singing and playing instruments; and, we think about music by the way it makes us feel, how it sounds, and how to read and write music. Next year will be my sixth year of teaching and I am so excited to meet your new Cougar as we make music together!

Teaching, guiding and inspiring creativity to my students, has always been a deep passion of mine. Creating art is a great way for one to express themselves to others. It is very important to let my students know that they are able to do anything they set their minds to! ❤ That is just one of the dozens of reasons, why I love teaching art to my students here at Canyon Creek!

Sample Schedule

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7:25- The side door to the cafeteria will be opened to allow students to enter. Anyone eating breakfast will need to access this door.

7:35- The front doors will be opened to allow another entrance to the school. Students entering through the front doors will go
go straight to their classroom.

You will be able to walk your child into the classroom on the first day of school. After that, we will take it from there! We encourage all of the hugs and goodbyes to happen prior to arriving on the front steps. We promise to take good care of your new Kinder student.


  • All Kindergarten students will exit out the front doors of the school.

  • If your kindergartener has an older sibling that they will be meeting after school, please make arrangements to meet your children outside. They will not be able to meet inside the building.

  • Should we ever have a rainy day dismissal, you will drive up (or walk up) with the placard provided at the beginning of the year so that we can call your child out from their classroom.

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