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In spain

What is Geothermal Energy?

Takes advantage of the heat stored undergroud

Clean, efficient and renewable way of obtaining energy

It does not produce noise pollution (or almost any other kind)

It is a highly reliable source

How does it work?


Geothermal energy plant

Production Well

Fluids under high pressure and temperature

Returning fluids

According to UVa, geothermal energy could quintuple the energy produced nowadays in Spain. This would be aroud 700GW.

However, we still do not have even a single geothermal power plant in Spain

Some facts




Sistema central

Castilla y León



Pros of Geothermal energy

Promotes National Security

Boost economic growth


Rapidly evolving technology

Useful for big companies and small houses

Cons of Geothermical energy

High initial cost

Surface instability

Location dependent

It may become dry if water is removed faster than injected back

Environmental impact

Conclusion & Opinion

In our eyes:

It is a great and promising source of energy

It may be one of the most used in the future, because its realiability and availability


It still needs development and investigation

Advantages trump disadvantages by far


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