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The key steps for publishing a course in a camp

If you choose registration by invitation.

Access the training in just one click.

Myskillsamp, your training partner.

You can choose between registration via the catalogue or by invitation.

Choose the camp(s)

in which you want to publish the course.


the session.

Publish the course.

Create a course.

Go to the studio

('I create' interface).

If you choose registration via the catalogue.

To create a course:

  • Go to the studio ("I create" interface, myskillcamp's integrated authoring tool).
  • Click on create a course.

What is a course?

  • The purpose of a course is to teach a skill or a set of skills.
  • On the myskillcamp platform, a course is composed of chapters (= sections) which are made up of activities.

It couldn't be easier

Click on publish.

When you click on "publish", a window entitled "create a session" appears.

  • Customise the different fields and click on "create". If your training contains a face-to-face event, you also have the possibility to add a date.
  • Then a window summarising your session appears.
  • Click on "publish".

Easy peasy!

Just select the right camp(s) and then publish.

You can choose between two options!

  • Via the user's catalogue, or by invitation: learners can access this course from their dashboard.

  • By invitation only: learners cannot access this course, unless they receive a notification.

Set up the publishing settings.

Set up the publishing settings.

Learners can access the course in just one click ("start").

Together we will reach new heights!