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KCACTF Region 8 DTM Participant 2021


A Flea in Her EarBy Georges FeydeauAdapted by David IvesScenic DesignPandemic Interrupted

Sera Shearer

At its core, this play is fun. It’s lighthearted, flirtatious, and lively, and truly embodies the idea of joie de vivre that was so popular during its period. To match the colorfulness of the text, it seemed only fitting that the set should be colorful and perhaps a bit silly. More specifically, the art styles of the time were rich in color and movement, and veered further from the traditional realistic elements that preceded them.To embody these, I strove to design a set that took inspiration from both the art and architecture of La Belle Epoque, utilizing color and style to differentiate between the two locations.

Concept Statement

Inspiration Image from La Belle EpoquePoster Advertising Amants, a Comedy at the Theatre De La RenaissainceAlphonse Mucha, 1896

Varied Architectural Styles


General Research

Art Nouveau


The entrance to Port Dauphin, Paris.Hector Guimard, 1900.Photo by Bellomonte via Wikimedia Commons.

Basilique du Sacre CoeursJulien Fromentin

Blue Dancers, 1890.Edgar Degas

In the Woods.Paul Cezanne, 1890.

The Turning Road.Andre Derain, 1906.

Open Window, Collioure.Henri Matisse, 1905.

Tiffany Lamp.Photo from The Lamps of Tiffany Studios, William Fedlstein Jr & Alistair Duncan.

Emile Galle vase

Rene Lalique Jewelry.

The Chandebise Living Room

Additional Research

The Frisky Puss Hotel

French interior.Alberto Pinto.

Charlottenburg Palace.Photo by Molly Minton.

Mofakham Historical Monument, Birjand, Iran.

Fun City Pink Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Baron's Suite, Hotel Chateau du Grand Luce.

Woman With a ParasolClaude Monet, 1875.

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran.

Interior, Flowers and Parakeets.Henri Matisse, 1924.

Still from Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel.Photo by Martin Scali.

Rough Sketches

Chandebise Living Room

Frisky Puss Hotel

Chandebise Living Room

Pastel color paletteInspiration from Rococo interiors and impressionist artLong, tall shapes and larger than life portraiture

Rough 3D model generated with Vectorworks 2019.Use of digital model allowed for contact free communication of three dimensional space.

Digital rendering

The Frisky Puss Hotel

Bright, somewhat garish colorsInspiration from Persian architecture and fauvismHeavier textures and more clutter

Rough 3D model generated with Vectorworks 2019Use of digital model allowed for contact free communication of three dimensional space.

Digital rendering




Coordination of color palettesDistinction of styles

Use of practical lanternsWhite curtains as "cyc"

Arrangement of scenic elements to allow directional soundMasking of onstage speakers


Process photo - painted arch drop

Process photo - lighting tech rehearsal

Process photo - lighting tech rehearsal

Production Team

Director: Valerie RachelleStage Manager: Karina LopezAsst. Stage Managers: Gary Kemp, Anna BirchScenic Designer: Sera ShearerAsst. Scenic Designer: Piper BouldinTechnical Director: Maya BowersAssistant Technical Director: Dylan RiceScenic Charge Artist: Hannah WhortonCostume Designer: Jordan DraperCostume Shop Manager: Lydia SemlerWig Master: Rebecca AshbyMask Charge: Kallie AndersenLighting Designer: Katelyn WestergardSound Designer: Connor StevensProps Master: Steve Mathews


Please click on drafting page to view PDF of full drafting packet.


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