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The project aims to study the native forest, fauna, flora, the main environmental threats and the importance of their protection in each partner’s country.

(November/ December - introducing ourselves and studentsJanuary - creation of the logo. Each student draws a design for the project's logo. February - the fauna. Each student researches on the characteristics of an animal and presents the work in Word / PowerPoint / Canvas or other. Additionally, They prepare an artist's book and develop a keychain about their animal.

February/ April- the flora. Students research the indigenous species of the native flora, create posters / brochures, plant a tree in the school garden and perform eco prints with plant samples. April/ June - the importance and preservation of the forest. Create a hymn for the forest. Students draw posters focusing on the threats to the forest and measures for their protection and create a virtual tourist itinerary of the region.




-The final work consists of creating a digital album using artsteps.com or other. T-Small exhibitions will be held on the work done. -It is intended that students: develop the scientific, technical and technological knowledge, communication skills, research techniques, critical and creative thinking and environmental sensitivity; understand the impact of human actions in the reduction of biodiversity and collaborate in the preservation of the natural heritage.