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Indoor activities for students during THE pandemic

Activities to burn energy



Activities to calm down

Activities to Burn Energy



1. Pick a card and move


2. What's your exercise?

2. Teens and Kids Workout

1. Tabata Workout for Kids

3. Storm Chasers

4. Active Literature

5. European Vacation

6. Higher/ Lower

Activities to Calm Down


1. Lemon Activity

2. Statue Activity


3. Flower and Candle

4. Turtle

5. Lazy Cat

3. Take five breathing

1. Relaxamento Para Crianças


2. Bring It Down

Pick a Card and Move


Crawl like a crab

Hop like a kangaroo

Move like a monkey

Move like a jellyfish

Act like a lion

Walk like a penguin

Move like a snake

Chomp like a shark

Act like a dog

Move like an elephant

Jump like a frog

Act like a bear

Pick a Card and Do Your Exercise


Stand and do 10 jumping jacks

Pretend to pedal a bike with your hands for a count of 17

Do desk push-up for 12 times

Do squat side kick for 10 times

Arm circles forward for 10 times, arm circles bacward for 10 times

Do burpees for 10 times

Do windmill exercise for 15 time

Do arm circles for 15 times

Do 'jumping lunges' for 10 times

Run in place for 30 second

High knees for 30 second

Do skater hops for 15 times

Pretend to jump rope for a count of 20

Touch your head, shoulders, knees and toes

10 times

Do 15 side bends

Students are assigned a type of weather condition such as: tornado, hurricane, lightning, thunder, rain, etc. When the teacher calls out the weather condition the students act out their assigned weather. For example if ‘tornado’ is called—student spins like a top.

Storm Chasers:


Read or have students read excerpts from literature or news articles aloud to the entire classroom and every time the words "a", "an", "the", "by" and "there" (or any words of your choice) are heard, the classroom must stand up, jump and then sit down quickly.

Active Literature:


As students study about Europe, be the tour guide and take them on an imaginary trip. As you make your stops along the way: March at the gates of Buckingham Palace, Swim through the English Channel, Climb the Swiss Alps, do Kitesurfing in Tarifa, Spain, ride a bicycle in Amsterdam etc.

European Vacation:


One student comes to the front of the room. The teacher writes a 3 digit number on the board behind the student so he/she can’t see it. The student calls out a number while marching in place. The remainder of the class marches in place until the number is called out. If the number is too low, the class jumps up and down (guess higher). If the number is too high, the class squats (guess lower). When the correct number is identified, select a different student to come to the front and repeat.




Tabata Workout for Kids



Teens and Kids Workout



Relaxamento Para Crianças



Bring It Down



Take 5 Breathing


Lemon Activity

This exercise releases muscle tension. Pretend you have a lemon in your hand. Reach up to the tree and pick a lemon with each hand. Squeeze the lemons hard to get all the juice out – squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Throw the lemons on the floor and relax your hands. Then repeat, until you have enough juice for a glass of lemonade! After your last squeeze and throw, shake out your hands to relax!



This exercise releases muscle tension. Pretend you are a feather floating through the air for about ten seconds. Suddenly you freeze and transform into a statue. Don’t move! Then slowly relax as you transform back into the floating feather again. Repeat, making sure to finish as a floaty feather in a relaxed state.


Flower and Candle

This is a simple exercise that encourages deep breathing – a way to relax. Pretend you have a nice smelling flower in one hand and a slow burning candle in the other. Breathe in slowly through your nose as you smell the flower. Breathe out slowly through your mouth as you blow out the candle. Repeat a few times.



This exercise releases muscle tension. Pretend you are a turtle going for a slow, relaxed turtle walk. Oh no, it’s started to rain! Curl up tight under your shell for about ten seconds. The sun’s out again, so come out of your shell and return to your relaxing walk. Repeat a few times, making sure to finish with a walk so that your body is relaxed.


Lazy Cat

This exercise releases muscle tension.

Pretend you are a lazy cat that just woke up from a lovely long nap.
Have a big yawn.
And a meow.
Now stretch out your arms, legs and back – slowly like a cat – and relax.