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WinterGroup 5/6 L1


What will we learn today?

1. Look at a song and make a2. Spot the3. Learn about




drawing/ mindmap.

make a drawing or mindmap about the song.What do you hear?

listen to the song!



Let's playa game!

Can you find the 10 differences?



If you see one, click on it!

can you find all 10?

click here to end the game.

It was theSCARF.Now find the next one!

It was the COLLAR.Go find the next one!

Very good! TheHAThas another color.

Very good! It was an extra TREE!Go find another one!

Well done! It was theTREE!Can you find the others?

Well done! The DOGis gone! Go find another one!

Good job! SNOWgone away. Did you almost find them all??

Well done! It was a BIRD! Can you find the rest?

Her BAGis another color! Well done!Find the rest!

YOU FOUND IT!THE SNOW IS GONE!Can you find the rest?

Very good! It was the HAT!Can you find the rest?

Very good! The BAGhas another color!

Very good. It was the SNOW!Find the rest now!

Well done! The COLLARhas another color!Keep looking for the rest!

Very good! The scarf is now ORANGE!Can you find the others?

these are the answers


Watch the video

Opposites:big and small,long and shortCan you match them all?Write it on paper and upload this on padlet!



see you next week!