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Yoga & Meditation Week 4Ms Sharma

Use the link and Yoga to music


How long can you stand on one leg? Swap over...Which leg is the strongest?

Strengthen your legs

Posture challengeTake up the challenge every day to repeat each posture 5 times.Remember Right side 5 times and then left side 5 times...Record your timings and lets see who gets the quickest time!Tweet me to discover who is the fastest?

Calming Mind Bottle

Lets try the Tree Pose..on your feet

Relax and straighten the left leg on the floor, shifting your weight into the foot. Ground it –hold steady. Inhale and bring your hands to your sides. Reach out like branches on atree. Exhale and bring the hands together in front of your heart.

Sit on your bottom, hold your ankles and rock backwards and forwards

Making you arms stronger follow each of the poses

Can you make a star shape and swap over sides?

Raise one leg off the floor and balance then swap feet

Breathe in and out..see your chest lift up ..calming and soothing

Balance on one leg raise and hold as far as you can go..

Can you headstand?

Curl into a ball and rest

Thank you! Quiz Time