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Hola Year 4


      • Read aloud and pronounce words for school subjects correctly.
      • Use different genders correctly.
      • Read and show understanding of written words for school subjects.
      • Produce school subjects (from memory).
      • State which subjects you study at school.
      • Use verbs in the present tense
      • Listen and show understanding of letters sounds from Spanish alphabet (A - N).
      • Produce sounds of the Spanish alphabet (A – N).
      • Repeat and recognise more letters sounds from the Spanish alphabet (O - U).

- Asignaturas -

Slice 1 of 3

Slice 2 of 3

Can you make a
poster about school
subjects? Click on
picture to see it.

Slice 3 of 3

You can also use a
computer or phone
to record your voice
or to film yourself
talking about school subjects in Spanish.