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A 30 minute workshop and resource list. It will focus Social-Emotional support/tools for our students.


SEL Action Guide

Mini-workshop 1/20/21 J. Mark Schwanz, Site Digital Coach


Checking in

Here's a friendly jam. Drag a shape to the face that expresses how you feel.

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Rather than tradition linear slide deck format, consider resources for students that are more interactive, open-ended.

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Visual Thinking Strategy

See the "VTS" video on https://tealarts.lacoe.edu/ TEAL - Technology Enhanced Arts Learning"Because works of art are almost always about 'something', they can be the glue that binds the curriculum together and helps kids synthesize all of...Lacoe

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  • YOU are making a + difference today
  • WE can innovate together
  • A little SEL goes a LONG way
  • "A child loves play, not because it is easy, but because it is hard." Benjamin Spark

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