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Superheroes lesson 3, gr 7-8

You will learn the alphabet and how to say the letters.

You will learn how to write an acrostic poem.

you will write an acrostic poem.

You will finish your superhero story. and check out stories of others.


The alphabet!

Do you remember the alphabet?

The alphabet challenge!

Can you say the alphabet?

alphabet race...

who can
- say the alphabet fast
- say all the vowels
- say it backwards
- say all the consonants
- move for each letter
- show something for
each letter

Padlet link

writing an acrostic poem

You are going to write an acrostic poem about superpowers.

What is an acrostic poem?

how to write an acrostic poem?

Need inspiration?
Click here.

upload your poem to the padlet!

Padlet link

you can:
- write
- draw
- type
- speak
Whatever you

check out all the stories!

It can be a
- video
- storyboard
- drawing
- cartoon in
google slides with bitmoji
- written story
whatever you want.

Padlet link

See you next week