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Types of communication

Author: Dorota Dankowska

Types of Communication

People make all the effort to communicate with each other for a long time.

They've learned how to communicate in many ways: from facial expressions to gestures and sounds to various signals.

We express our emotions using universal facial expressions.


O emocjach informuje nas mimika twarzy.

Types of Communication

To make contact with other people, we've learned to speak, write,
and read. Nowadays, people all over the world speak in their own languages.

Types of Communication

But there was this constant need for long-distance communication.

The American Indians used smoke signals.

In Africa, people used drums to warn each other about enemy attacks or a bush fire.

Types of Communication

Many universal signals are still used today.

S.O.S. - Emergency Distress Signal

Warning alert

Types of Communication

You can also use light to transmit information.

A lighthouse - warns of dangerous places on the sea

Traffic lights


Types of Communication

Communication in the wilderness is possible if you have a flashlight, colored warning flares, or use body language. Correct signaling makes it easier for the group to communicate. But it also saves lives.

Over 180 years ago, a special communication code was developed – the Morse code consisting of dots and dashes.

The Morse Code

The Morse code communication relies on standardized sequences of dots and dashes transmitted as sound signals, electric impulses, or light flashes. To start broadcasting a message, all you need is a flashlight and knowledge of basic codes, such as S.O.S.

Use a flashlight to transmit the Emergency Distress Signal - the S.O.S - three short flashes, three long flashes, again three short flashes.

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