Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


hansel and gretel

group 3-4

you will listen to the story of hansel and gretel

you will learn to say a magic spell

you will sing songs, play games and draw

what you will do in this lesson

watch the video

listen to the story and get ready for the quiz

are you ready for the quiz?listen to the question and click on the picture.


1. what is the father?

1. woodcutter

2. painter

3. teacher

2. what did hansel bring into the forest?

1. toys

2. pebbles

3. chocolates

3. what did hansel and gretel steal from the witch?

1. sweets

2. treasure chest

3. cat

magic spell

magic spell

magic spell


can you do a magic spell?what do you want to make?

upload your video to the padlet


find hansel and gretel

let's sing the song

what is your favourite part of the story?

upload to padlet

click to make big

well done! see younext week!