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Expressing our opinions about Music


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I.C. Campagnano - Italy

Class 3E - Team 1


How important is music in your life? Why do you listen to music? What are the advantages of listening to music?

Have you ever been to an outdoor concert? Were there many people? What was the weather like?
How many MP3 tracks do you have? Have you ever tried singing in a karaoke bar? What was the experience like?
What sort of system do you have for playing music at home? Do you ever play music on your computer while you're using it or do you find this a distraction?
Do you play CDs or MP3s? How important are lyrics? If you take away the lyrics to a rap, what are you left with? If you add lyrics to an instrumental?


_ Music is very important in my life

_ Because music makes me happy

_ Music help me learn languages better

_ I've never been to an outdoor concert, but I'd like to go

_ I don't know exactly

_ No I have never tried singing in a karaoke bar

_ I usually listen to music with the headphones

_ I don't play music with lyrics but they are important for me



1) music for me is very important

2) Music helps me get back in a good mood

3) music relaxes me

4) Yes, there are many people

5) I don't have an mp3, I listen to music on YouTube

6) I have never been to a bar to sing but I have a karaoke set at home but I don't use it much

7) I usually use headphones

8) I've never done such a thing

9) lyrics are very important to me I don't like meaningless music



- Music is very important in my life: I often sing and play the guitar. Also my father plays the guitar and the piano, my mother plays the accordion and my sister plays the piano.

- I listen to music constantly for example when I'm bored on the bus or while studying- I went to a "twenty one pilots" concert it was full of people, it was great!!!

- I sang in a karaoke bar once or twice and several people said my voice was beautiful!

- I mainly use Youtube or Spotify to listen to music


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1) music helps me express my emotions when I am sad, happy or angry.

3) music let me see things from another perspective

4) I went to a concert and there were many people

Music is a way to let off steam when I’m angry, sad or happy


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