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In good company in 'Clair de lune'. Our most spacious lodge is perfect to host your family, 2 couples or 2 single travellers. Every room has its own bathroom, the cosy living room and kitchen are shared with your travel company. Discover our lodges

Cocooning just for the 2 of you in this lodge 'Dejeuner sur l'herbe'.Take a bath surrounded by trees and forest views or lounge on one of your 2 terraces.Discover our lodges

Deep nature in 'Le bois enchanté'. This lodge adds an extra to your stay. Especially for you we selected a beautiful spot in the forest. You and your travel company can submerge with nature in the most luxurious way.Discover our lodges

Work in progress, to be continued soon.

Nice to meet you! We are Febe and Joeri, your hosts.We live the year round in our village and are happy to make you feel welcome here. You can talk to us on any moment of the day. While you enjoy your time here, we make sure you have everything you need.Get to know us

Rêve has its own private beach.In summertime the watertemperature goes up to 25° celcius. It's deep enough to swim, or stay ashore and enjoy sunbathing. Once a week we organise a 'soiree plage'. We turn on the lights and set our table right there. Want to discover the other assets of the domain? Read about them here.

The spa.Enjoy nature while relaxing in our wellness for which we selected a beautiful spot next to the forest. You can try the sauna with woodstove and a panoramic view over the valley or spend the evening stargazing in the hottub.

You arrive at Rêve by driving over our 100 year old bridge.One of the most beautiful elements of our village.Want to discover the other assets of the domain? Read about them here.

You can discover the region or just spend the day here.We can keep you entertained all day long. Read a book in one of the lounge corners, take a walk, sunbathe on our beach or play the traditional game petanque. For that occasion, we are happy to open the bar for you.Want to discover the other assets of the domain? Read about them here.

Work in progress, to be continued soon.

At our guests table we want to entertain all your senses and surprise you over and over again. Provided with only the best ingredients of local farmers & our own inspiration that we gathered travelling all the corners of the world. Simplicity meets originality. Our menus change on daily base, that goes for dinner and breakfast. Add to that that we are not shy to change the setting. Next to our outdoor kitchen we also serve dinner in a medieval room, on the beach, ...Read more about our kitchen

Rêve is located in the beautiful, less known regrion of France, the Aveyron. Thanks to that the region kept its authentic character so you can still find the real France. We fell in love with this place and dedicated a blog to it. Discover the Aveyron

Take your time and discover the domain of 16ha. The largest part is covered with forest, including little paths and rivers. From your lodge you can make shorter or longer walks and biking routes.