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get a link to a page

Google form


Copy and paste the blue frame in a page to get its reference number.

Copy and paste the red frame in a page to get its url

Copy and paste the green frame into a page to get its iframe for embedding.

Copy one of the boxes below onto the slide you want to link to. In preview mode, you can then see the link/embed code and copy it. You can then delete the box again.
Use the copied address to link to that slide from another slide or from another place.

The Genially must be public to be able to embed a page in another page.

To embed a slide, use the green box to get the code. Then use "Insert" "Others" and paste it in the text box.

How to get a link to a page

1. Create a google form with your questions.
2. Turn on "required" and "response validation" (in the 3 dots)
3. Add the answer with "regular expression" "matches"
4. Add a new section with the link to the page you got from the Reference page tool.
5. Get the embed code in "Send"
5. Embed the form in Genially by clicking "Insert" "other"

Example: Using a Google form as a lock.

QR-CODE of the page grouped with MOUVITE extension

QR Code

QR-CODE of the GENIALLY presentation
grouped with STORE extension

QR Code

reference number.

slide url

slide embed code

Page links

Remerciements à :

Stéphane Agniel pour l'idée d'intégration de code javascript dans une page Genially ;

Mireille Philippe et à son frère pour l'astuce afin de retrouver l'URL d'une page Genially ;

Alveria Val pour l'idée d'intégrer une page Genially dans une autre page Genially.

QR-CODE of the presentation

QR-CODE of the page

Function to be placed in the home page for example.
It can be in a page with QR-code but must be pasted in the page BEFORE the QR-code

Element to copy and paste (one per page) to automatically obtain the QR-code of the presentation.

Element to copy and paste (one per page) to automatically obtain the QR-code of a page.