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Add drop-down options to a Genial.ly presentation.


Mama, just killed a
Put a gun against his
Pulled my trigger, now he's
Mama, life had just
But now I've gone and thrown it all

Source : LyricFind

Paroliers : Freddie Mercury
Paroles de Bohemian Rhapsody © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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Bohemian Rhapsody

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  • head
  • chest
  • leg
  • arm
  • back

  • man
  • fish
  • horse
  • whale
  • ram

  • away
  • ah ouais
  • tramway
  • afar
  • hallway

  • begun
  • began
  • begin
  • started
  • ended

  • dead
  • well
  • bleeding
  • in bed
  • red



Correct words



  • option 1 (correct)
  • option 2
  • option 3
  • etc....

The box is to be grouped with a bullet point list containing the options. The 1st option on the list must be your correct one, the options will be displayed in random order.
You can change the appearance and font by using the yellow slide.

Group an image with this box, it will appear when the player wins.

This optional item should be grouped with a BOLD Genially text (which you can change the appearance of) in which the number of correct answers will be displayed.

This optional item is to be grouped with a BOLD Genially text (which you can change the appearance) in which the number of wrong answers will be displayed.

Optional: If you add this invisible element to your page, the number of correct/incorrect answers will only be displayed when the check button is pressed.

This elements needs to be on your page to work. It will be invisible

Group this element with the "check" button or text.

Group an image with this box, it will appear when the player loses. It only appear after all boxes have been filled in.



Taille bordure

Couleur bordure

Couleur fond

Couleur police

Taille police

Style bordure

Nom police

The font for the list needs to be present on the question page (e.g. in the text with the questions or the title) to work.

Copy the text from this box. Then go to the slide with the questions, go to "insert" , "</> Others" and paste the text. When you click insert, a drop-down box with your design will be entered in the page. You can now copy and paste it and group it with the different lists of options.

Preview of your modified box

Opacité fond

Go into preview mode to change the settings - you can delete the slide after you inserted the drop-down box



Border size

Border colour

Background colour

Font colour

Font size

Border style


Font name