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Pancakes and pancake day

By Miss Salerno LP JV (Millau 12)

Séance 1: How to make one cup pancake by Jamie Oliver

Step 1: Brainstorming (worksheet)

Step 2: Watch the video and answer the questions (+ worksheet)

Step 3: Watch the video again and take notes to fill in the grid (worksheet)

Step 4: Label the pictures with the right verbs (+ worksheet)

Step 5: Pronunciation (+ worksheet)

Step 6: The steps of the recipe (+ worksheet)

Step 7: Grammar (worksheet)

Séance 2: Pancake day

Step 1: The definitions (worksheet)

Step 2: Listen to the MP3 and answer the questions

Step 3: Summary (worksheet)

Step 4: Exercise 1 Vocabulary (+ worksheet)

Step 4: Exercise 2 Choose the right answer (+ worksheet)

Step 4: Exercise 3 Prepositions (+ worksheet)

Step 6: Conversation time (worksheet)


Step 5: Summary (worksheet)

Séance 3: Tâche finale


Réalisation et dégustation de pancakes avec le professeur de DNL

Recueil de Genially des 2FMHR 2020-2021