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  1. Programming
    1. Consider timezones
    2. 4-6 hours of content max/day
  2. Networking & matchmaking
    1. Encourage participants to sign up using social media accounts!
  3. Operations
    1. Onboarding, contingency plans, FAQs

  1. Tech, data & cybersecurity
    1. Virtual event platform (your online venue)
    2. Integrated event management platform
    3. Streaming tools
    4. PDPA
  2. Community building, integration & engagement
    • Engage with digital tools like chats, polls, Q&A, quizzes
    • Merge physical + virtual community
  3. Metrics & measurement
    1. Measure online activities & engagement on the platform

Why Hybrid Events?

  • Combines live events with virtual perks and participation.
  • Creates opportunities to facilitate interactions and participation with both online and offline attendees
  • Extended event lifetime & reach → increased ROI!

The 5 Pillars of Hybridisation

  1. Community Building
  2. Digital Engagement
  3. Learning Opportunities
  4. Defining Practical Outcomes
  5. Commerce

3 C's of Content

  • Captivate: eg. shorter sessions rolled out over multiple days
  • Cinematic: eg. viral TikTok videos, informative TED talks or Netflix specials
  • Collaborative: eg. virtual break-out rooms, dedicated groups on social media, or live forums