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A group of students find a Mary Shelley time capsule.

Who was Mary Shelley?

Mary Shelley, who was the writer of the famous novel Frankenstein. Was born on August 30, 1797, in London, England. She was the daughter of philosopher and political writer William Godwin and famed feminist Mary Wollstonecraft.In 1814, at the age of sixteen, Mary left her home and country with the poet Percy Shelley. They traveled to France and Switzerland. They got married in 1816 and had a baby.Mary Shelley died in London on February the 1, 1851 and was buried in St Peter's Cemetery, Bournemouth.Mary Shelley wrote novels like:

The scientists who opened it found 3 objects inside: some papers, some coins and a copy of a poem of her husband. Historians who worked on the investigation said that the papers that were in the time capsule were the first ideas of the novel Frankenstain, those that he wrote during the stormy night. The coins were the money she won with the bet between her and Lord Byron to see who wrote a better horror story.And the poem a copy of the poem that see use tosave the heart of her husband before his cremation.

What's inside the time capsule?

Frankenstein (1818)

Mathilda (1819)

Perkin Warbeck(1830)

Lodore (1835)

Falkner (1837)

How did they find it?

Some literature students from the University of Paris, They decided to visit the house where Mary Shelley had the idea for Frankenstain's novel.In the gardens of the old house, one student noticed that in a rock he had engraved a small ray almost imperceptible by the moss that covered it. So with the help of their partners they removed the rock and it was here, the old box with the name of Mary Shelley written on. it.