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Merry Christmas

From Spain

You needsome salty biscuitssome cakeschocolate creamsmall biscuits for mouthsome lacasitos for eyes and noseSTEP BY STEP1· Put the chocolate cream onto the cake2. put the small biscuit in the middle of the cake3·Put the salty biscuits as horns4.put the lacasitos as eyes and nose5.Enjoy your reindeer cupcake!

You need:-Marshmellow.-White chocolate to melt.-Some lacositos for eyes and nose.-Lollipop sticks.-Plastic paper.-Salty biscuits for horns.Step by step:1.Put the stick into the sweet.2.Dive it into the melted white chocolate.3.Let it rest on the plastic paper.4.Meanwhile,put the eyes and nose(Lacasitos)5.Also,put the horns(salty biscuits)6.Let it dry,and enjoy your reindeer lollipops.

You need:½ kg flour ¼ of butter 200gr of sugar 2 eggs ¼ kg glass sugar 1 spoon of vanilla 2 tablespoons lemon juice Green food coloring Red colorant egg whites We are going to prepare some Christmas cookies decorated in the shape of a tree, a star and a snowflake, but you can bet on other options if you want! With that said, let's get startedThe first thing is to take two containers and place the sifted flour and salt in one and the butter and normal sugar in the other. Mix the contents of the second container and, as soon as it is there, add the two eggs and integrate again.Now pour the contents of the first container into the second and beat again. If the dough has already taken hold, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for an hour.After this time, put the oven to preheat to 190ºC and remove the dough from the fridge. Flatten it with the help of a rolling pin on a flat surface and make the cookies in the shape of a tree, flake and star. As soon as they are done, put them on the baking sheet lined with kitchen paper and bake them for ten minutes.We are now going to prepare the dough with which to decorate them. Put the icing sugar, the egg whites and the lemon juice in a bowl and mix. Little by little a meringue will form and, since you will need three colors, separate the result into three bowls.If the cookies are already there, take them out and let them cool for about 15 minutes. Then, with a pastry bag, decorate them and, as soon as you have them, let them rest for two hours so that they finish being. Then you can serve them!