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Unit 2: Melody

Pilar Resurrección


Is a combination of pitch and rhythm


Is the quality of sound that distinguishes high and low sounds


PITCHis the quality of sound that distinguishes high and low soundsHigh and low sounds


Higher than...



Lower than...

The highest...

The lowest...



Game rules

Partners face one another."Study your partner's appearance, so you can notice when they change even the smallest thing about how they look..."Partners turn backs on each other while song is sung, and each changes something about her o his physical appearance. When song is over, partners turn back to face each other and try to guess what has changed about the other.

Pitch symbols


Musical notes

Treble clef

Ledger lines


Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

TREBLE CLEF NOTES:In English, every musical note has a letter name. The first seven letters of the alphabet are used to name the seven basic musical notes A, B, C, D, E, F G.

STAFFIt consists of five lines and four spaces between lines and music is written on it.

TREBLE CLEFit is placed at the beginning of every musical line.

LEDGER LINES: short lines above or below the standard five lines to give more information.

ACCIDENTALS:are symbols that indicate the modification of a pitch. The mostcommonly used in music are:SHARP:it raises a note's pitch a semitone.FLAT:it lowers a note's pitch a semitoneNATURAL:it cancels previousaccidentals to return a note to its natural state.

Work in pairs. Think of a word you can write with the letters of the musical alphabet. Translate the word into musical notation on the staff. Give the score to your partner. She/he has to guess which word you have written.

The distances between one note and the next with the same name is called an octave

A sequence of 8 notes beginning and ending with the same note, ordered from low to high sounds or the other way round is called scale

The distance between the notes is measured in tones and semitones

Types of scales





Exercise 4

Activity 1


This is made of two groups of four notes with a semitone at the end

Major scale

A piece of music composed in major scale has a joyful mood

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Minor scale

This has two groups of four notes, but the semitones are in different places: and 2nd and 3rd position and 5th and 6th position

A piece composed in minor scale has a sad mood

Chromatic scale

This has twelve notes. The distance between each note is a semitone

It gives a sense of motion and tension. It has been used to evoke grief, loss and sorrow.

Pentatonic scale

A piece composed in pentatonic scale has a calm and relaxed mood

This has only five notes

Listen to the following songs composed in different scales (major, minor, chromatic, pentatonic), write what mood you have and try to say which scale and tempo are used







Expressions to use

The mood of the composition is...

It's similar/different because

I like it because

I don't like it

Music listening

Compare and contrast

Hit the road JackRay Charles

Altenberg LiederAlban Berg

Che si puo fareBarbara Strozzi

Coro de esclavos de la Flauta MágicaMozart

The design of a melody line

The design of a melody is its form. We can distinguish four kinds of design





Activity 2

In pairs create a melody in pentatonic scale with a directional design.


The melody line that moves to nearby notes


A melody line that ascends or descends


A melody line that repeates a lot of notes


A melody line that makes a lot of jumps between notes

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