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Winter Newsletter 2020

Dear families,

What an extraordinary year 2020 has been. None of us expected it to bring the challenges, complications, new phrases and systems to learn. But it also brought something else. It brought about a fight, resilience, care and compassion I had not seen before and my goodness we all rose to those challenges. Before we bid a joyful farewell to 2020 – let us take time to look back on some of the highlights of the past year!

Key Worker Hub and Online Learning

World Book Day

Although the Summer Term was a strange one, with not all children with us, we still managed to provide amazing learning opportunities for our children; whether at school in the Key Worker Hub or at home.

Who could forget our amazing efforts of World Book Day? Not only did we celebrate the joy that books can bring and dress as our favourite characters, but who can remember Lady Grundy on Sky TV being interviewed dressed as Mary Poppins??

Our Second Year in aNew Building

After a strange year for us all, and the world feeling like a very different place, we were so pleased to finally get the keys to our brand-new building. After five, long years of planning, preparation, and the hard work of the Primary Team, the Trust and everyone at Shireland Technology Primary, we could finally move into our new home. It truly is a wonderful building to work and learn in and brings a world of opportunities for our children as they grow with us through the years ahead.

Excite, Explore, Excel Day

On the last day of our first half term we took part in the amazing ‘Excite, Explore, Excel’ day. This was a chance for all the teachers and staff at STP, including those who work for Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust, to teach pupils about a wide variety of things and share our passions and interests with the children. We had a group that learned how to create their own animations; a group that learned to recite poetry. We had a group doing obstacle courses, a group learning fine art skills and another doing yoga. This was a fantastic opportunity for us to try new things and learn so much. At lunchtime, we were treated to a spooky lunch to mark Halloween. It tasted fantastic and was a wonderful end to the first half term in our brand-new building.

Christmas at ShirelandTechnology Primary

Although Christmas was to look a little different this year, we still managed to get into the Christmas spirit at Shireland Technology Primary. We kicked off the festivities with Christmas Jumper day where everyone wore their best Christmas jumper. In the process, we also raised lotsfor Save the Children. Each bubble had their own Christmas party which meant that the fun could still be had despite the restrictions. We also tuned in to an online pantomime… Oh yes we did! Term ended with a wonderful Christmas meal for all to enjoy.If you haven't had a chance, watch our Christmas message here:

Admissions are Open!

Admissions are open for Reception pupils and for our Nursery. In our third year of operation, we are looking forward to welcoming another new cohort joining our growing school. Reception admissions are run by the Local Authority, whereas we run our own Nursery admissions. For more information on anything regarding admissions, please contact Mrs Shocker in the school office. Remember the deadline is 16th January – so act fast if you have not already applied for a place.

Themes this term!

We have continued to deliver exciting themes and exceptional learning experiences for our pupils, whether inside the classroom or remotely online.Nursery Our very first cohort of Nursery pupils learnt all about themselves in ‘The Power of me’, where pupils discussed their families and super-powers, explored their senses and feelings with ‘Colour Monster’, as well as celebrated a dragon’s birthday with a big party. Their second theme was ‘Let’s pretend’ where they learnt about being royal, treasure, knights, castles and dragons – they even found a dragon’s egg which has hatched a little baby dragon that Nursery are now taking care of. ReceptionReception settled in really well to their first term of school! They got to grips learning Kinetic letters, our wonderful writing scheme, and have been learning lots of other fantastic new things. The first theme they looked at was ‘All about Me’ where they explored what it meant to be ‘me’. The second theme was ‘Snap, Crackle, Pop’ which looked at the seasons and allowed them to use the Shireland Tech Creative Room to make wonderful pieces of art. Well done for a fantastic first term Reception!Year 1In Year 1, pupils have had a fantastic time in their first theme ‘Remember Me’. Pupils thought about how they have changed over the period of their lives before comparing their lives to the lives of children in times gone by. The second theme was ‘Into the Woods’ where pupils utilised the woodland to inspire their work. Pupils did some observational drawings and leaf paintings to really let their creative sides shine through.Year 2In year 2, the first theme that pupils looked at was ‘I Spy, Private Eye’, where they have studied and investigated local history, looking at different investigative techniques. Their second theme was ‘Worth Repeating’, an art theme focusing on patterns in the world around us. Year 2 learnt about different pattern artists and even had a go at creating their own patterns, some using natural materials. The year 2s have produced some outstanding pieces of work this half-term.

Nursery Pictures

Reception Pictures

Year 2 Pictures

Year 1 Pictures

Parents Evening

The first chance for you to find out how well your children are doing will be on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday 20th January and also on the afternoon of Friday 22nd January. The consultations will be online as the Settling In Consultations were The appointments will be bookable by EduLink One in the first weeks back and Edulink One now has the ability for you to join the pre-booked video call with your child’s teacher instantly! If you have still not signed up to Edulink One and still need help, please contact the school office ASAP. .

Thank You!

We know, this year has been an extremely difficult one for all of us and the start of 2021 will still see us having to negotiate the Coronavirus Pandemic and all the measures and procedures that come with it. But as a school community we are resilient and together we can continue to hold strong and support each other through it. Thank you, as ever, for your unwavering support and care. Have a well-deserved festive season break – whether celebrating Christmas or just spending time with loved ones. From us all at Shireland Tech Primary School, we wish you a very Merry and Safe Christmas and we will see you and your children on 4th January 2021. Lady Grundy and #TeamShirelandTech