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Merry Christmas!

To St Philip's from SP 118Click on the hearts to see our wishes:)

To Year 4Wishing you all the joysof the holiday seasonand the happy New Year!From Year 4c

To Year 2We wish you a very Merry Christmas!With lots of snow and lots of presents under a glistening Christmas tree!Year 3b

To Year 5We wish you a nice Christmas and a lot of presents! Good health and happiness, and that you never have to worry about your stock and all the success in school. We also wish you a good relationship with your families, new friends and a lot of free time to spend with them. We hope you will enjoy your food because everyone likes to eat well at Christmas. We hope to continue working together as we do so far.Merry Christmas from class 7c at SP 118 in Wroclaw, Poland!

To Reception Classand Year 1 fromeveryone at SP118!Merry Christmas!!!

To Year 6May this Christmas bring happiness and laughter in your homes and end the present difficult year on a cheerful note. May joy and love fulfill your homes. Wishing you happy Christmasand a Happy New Year.Class 8a

To Year 3We wish you peace in your soul,glow in your eyes,a smile on your face,love in your heartand happiness in your life.All the best in the New Year!Year 4e