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Cyprus wishes its partners Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

First, to make the snowman tree hanging ornament, you have to get a wooden circle and decorate it with a snowman`s nose, mouth and eyes (eyes and mouth made out of coal and nose made out of carrot so you should probably paint it orange). Then, you make a hole on the top of the circle and get a rope inside it so it can be hanged on the Christmas tree!

This is how we made our own DIY Christmas trees. We got two magazines and folded them together. Then we chose our own decorations. Some of the trees were painted gold. Then our teacher helped us glue the sparkly string and then we glued our nice ornaments. Lastly, we attached our beautiful golden star at the peak of the tower!!! Now we are ready to decorate it around our beautiful house!

Christmas Charm of Limassol

CHRISTMAS CHOCOLATESINGREDIENTS:250 gr. Chocolate couverture (black or white)1 teaspoon butterSome milkMETHOD:We melt the chocolate couverture in Ben Marie.We add the butter, the milk and we mix them.We put the mixture in chocolate molds, with different shapes.We let them cool enough.We put the molds in the fridge for about 3 hours.We take them out of the molds.GOOD LUCK!!!