Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


I like snow!

Hi! Welcome to our home!

Hello, little elves!

Welcome to my Christmas House. Here you can click on anything you want! You will learn a lot of Christmas Vocabulary with games and songs!

Have fun!

This is a photo of myself where I cried with Santa

Chsss! I'm not here. Sing the Christmas carols!

Welcome to my little house! Cheese!

Have you seen all these games?

Click on any of them.

Tip for Kahoot: Write down your nickname (tu mote) and play :)

I love piñatas!

I love dancing!

Move your body!


Merry Christmas!

Time to relax sitting next to the fireplace

Press "Youtube" to make it bigger!

I love chocolate!


I love homework!

Ho Ho Ho!

I'm free!

Netflix and chill! Select any movie and have fun!

Shhh! I am an impostor here!


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