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Genially about the basics of computer programming with information about programming, programming languages, and how to choose a programming language.

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Computer Programming

Computer programming is the process of designing and developing computer programs to accomplish a computing outcome.


Just like regular languages, programming languages are made of different elements and follow a grammar structure, called syntax. Certain program code elements are common amongst all programming languages. The most important elements for programming language include:

  • Programming Environment
  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Logical and Arithmetical Operators
  • Keywords
  • If else conditions
  • Functions
  • Numbers, Characters, and Arrays
  • Loops
  • Input and Output Operations

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Computer programming is writing instructions that the computer follows. Each programming language has its own syntax, or way of organizing the commands. Different programming languages can help solve the same programming issues, but it is important to choose a language that is relevant to the task you are trying to perform. If a language does not fit well, you should try moving on to a different programming language. A few other factors to consider when choosing a language are your skill level in that language, security, compatibility with web/mobile/other devices, and expected software response time.

  • Python is good for web and internet development, scientific and numeric applications, desktop GUIs (graphical user interfaces), and business applications. It is often used for AI and machine learning.
  • Java is most often used for developing web apps, Android apps, and big data.
  • R is best for data science projects, machine learning, and statistical computing.
  • Javascript’s uses include game development, desktop app development, and web/mobile app development.
  • Swift is a language made specifically to work with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, Apple’s app development environment used for building software programs for IOS for iPhones, iPods, iPads, Apple Watches.

  • C++ is used for advance computations, graphics compilers, and game development
  • C# is used for web applications and enterprise cross-applications development.
  • PHP can be used for content management systems, eCommerce applications, and web development.
  • SQL can be used in any database
  • Go is made for GUI (graphical user interfaces) applications, web applications, and console utilities.

Computer programming is the process of designing and developing computer programs to accomplish a computing outcome. This process includes tasks such as analysis, algorithm generation, coding, checking accuracy and resource consumption of algorithms, and more. The purpose of computer programming is to find instructions which solve a given problem on a computer.