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Anglų kalbos pamoka skirta 5 klaseiParengė Vilniaus Jono Pauliaus II progimnazijosanglų kalbos vyresnioji mokytojaNadežda Rusecka

Good-better-the best!

AIM: to practice making comparative and superlative forms and using them in sentences


A warm-up:spin the wheel and make comparative and superlative forms

What can you see in the picture?

Listening practice

Watch a video and listen to a song. Look and listen forthe superlative forms of adjectives (e.g. the tallest). Write them in your notebooks.Extra task: Look for animals sports

Groupwork: practice

In groups compare 3 animals:Use comparative and superlative forms of adjectives fast, heavy,beautiful or any other adjectives. Try to write 3 sentences or more.


Find 3 amazing world records, and put them down in your notebooks.

e.g.The smallest cat in the world is Mr. Peebles. It weighs only 1 496 grams.


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