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4.5 billion years ago

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1.Geologist studying the Earth10.First reptiles2.First humans11.First plants with seeds3.First grasses12.First amphibians4.K-T Boundary mass extinction13.First plants on land5.First flowering plants14.First animals with hard parts6.First birds15.First multicellular organisms7.First mammals16.First eukaryotes8.First dinosaurs17.First bacteria9.The "Great Dying" mass extinction18.The Origin of the Earth

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Origin of the Earth

Geologist studying the Earth

First plants on land

First plants with flowers

First amphibians

First animals with hard parts

K-T Massive extinction

The "Great Dying" mass extinction

First mammals

First humans

First bacteria

First plants with seeds

First reptiles

First eukaryotes

First multicellular organisms

First birds

First grasses

First dinosaurs