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Functions of the Brain

The frontal lobes are the main executive controllers of one's voluntary movement and actions. Responsible for the expression of movement and language. Frontal lobes continue to develop and change throughout the young teen and adult years.

The parietal lobes are responsible for the processing information about temperature, taste, and touch. They lie directly under the sensory system, which is then translated to the brain.

The occipital lobes are primarily responsible for the translation of all aspects of vision. Including, distance, depth perception, color, movement, and most importantly face and memory recognition. The human brain is incapable of living without them.

The temporal lobes main job is associated with the processing of language and emotion. They also manage memory, this includes the comprehension of naming and verbal memory.

For all of the human's basic needs like blood regulation/heart rate, breathing, sleeping and eating, the brainstem is on it. The brainstem is connected to the spinal cord, so therefore making it essential for life and basic bodily functions.

The cerebellum is the conductor of individual muscle movements. The cerebellum and the brainstem work together as a team to keep the production of muscle fluid active in each muscle group.