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Vocabulary on social media


what happens ON INTERNET in minutes


Emails 150 Millones de emails enviados

Facebook 701.389 de logins

Whatsapp +20,8 Millones de mensajes enviados

Youtube 2,78 Millones de videos vistos

Tinder 972.222 swipes

Google 2,4 Millones de búsquedas

Spotify 38.052 horas de música

Twitter 347.222 nuevos tweets

Instagram 38.194 nuevas fotos

Linkedin +120 cuentas nuevas

Amazon 203.596$ en ventas

Netflix 69.444 horas de visionado


You may check, receive (get), open, read, reply to (responder), send, forward (reenviar) or delete (borrar) an email on your laptop (portátil), desktop, tablet or smart phone. You can open an attachment (archivo adjunto) and print it out, attach a file to it (adjuntar un archivo) or mark the email as spam. More: inbox (bandeja de entrada), draft (borrador), Sent items folder (carpeta de Enviados).


On Facebook you can check your friends' posts, share articles, news, videos & pictures on your wall (muro) and see who shared or liked your own posts.You can do this on any device (dispositivo) you download and install the Facebook app on.You can also make or read comments, create groups and use Live Chat to communicate with your friends.


Share pictures with you contacts and post them to your feed or in stories so that they pop up (abrir) when other active users tap on (tocar) them.You can also use filters to improve the quality of your pics and impress your followers!More vocab: Stories highlights (historias destacadas), profile (perfil), button (botón), arrow (flecha)


Netflix is a pay-TV plaftorm where we can watch a selection of movies and TV series whenever you want and without commercials (anuncios). On Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and other platforms you can search by categories, genres or most popular features and you can build your own library.You can also pause, fast forward and rewind the films, activate the subtitles and set up (configurar) your language preferences. Ah! And you can skip the Intro that keeps repeating on every episode!


Spotify allows you to build playlists of your favourite tracks (pistas, temas), which you can play (reproducir) both online & offline (con y sin conexión a Internet) and listen to on loop (en bucle).You can also find recommendations based on your own personal tastes (gustos) and share playlists with your friends.If you upgrade to the Premium (paid) version you can also skip (saltar, pasar) as many tracks as you like without ads (anuncios).


Write Twitter posts or tweets of up to 280 characters to express your opinion on something or comment on somebody else's tweet.You can retweet things you agree on or simply find worth sharing.Also, reply to other tweets and mention certain people. Don't forget to check your notifications tab (pestaña) every now and then.


In this huge online store you can buy all sorts of goods (bienes, productos) by adding them to your shopping cart and then paying for them by credit card (or Pay Pal, etc.).You will have to provide your delivery address (dirección de entrega) and check if they charge you any postage and packing (also shipping) costs (gastos de envío). You can avoid those costs by subscribing to Amazon Prime, in which case you also get next-day delivery on many products.You can normally return any items (artículos) you do not like and get a refund (your money back).


Communicate with your friends and contacts anywhere by sending instant messages and attaching pictures, music and videos.Share documents, send voice messages and make videocalls with up to 8 contacts at the same time.


You can google anything in this web search engine andit will help you find exactly what you're looking for. But be careful: the information published does not always come from reliable sources.The search results, or hits, include links to other webpages, videos and images and more.


ads- anuncios, publicidadapp- aplicaciónarrow- flechaattach(ment)- adjuntar/archivo adjuntobilling address- dirección de facturacióncommercials- anunciosdelete- borrar, eliminardelivery- entregadevice- dipositivodownload- descargardraft- borradorfast forward (FF)- avanzarfile- archivofilter- filtroforward- reenviar

genre- génerogoods- bienes, productosgoogle (verb)- buscar en Googlehighlights- destacado/-a(s)inbox- bandeja de entrada laptop- ordenador portátillog in/off- iniciar/cerrar sesiónoffline- sin conexiónon loop- en buclepics (pictures)- fotosplaylist- lista de reproducciónpop up- (v) abrir, (n) ventana emergentepost- publicaciónpostage & packing- gastos de envíoprofile- perfilrefund- reembolso

reliable source- fuente fiablereply to- responderreturn- devolverrewind (REW)- rebobinar search- buscarshipping costs- gastos de envíoshopping cart- carrito skip- saltar, pasarswipe - delizar con el dedotab- pestañatap on - tocartastes- gustos track- pistaupgrade- adquirir una versión superiorvideo call- videollamadavoice message- audio, mensaje de voz