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Which secret agents will represent our countries?




andthe winnersare...







Which secret agents will represent our countries?




This is howwe voted!

CHECK the 3 secret agents

by clicking on the 5 flags

Watch the three secret agents

Read about their super powers and ideas

the world more sustainable

Choose the one with the best solutions to make

Choose the most original combination

The voting will be done with a google form

23rd November is the day we will vote!

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Every school chooses their 3 national secret agents.Then every pupil of every class has the opportunity to vote for one of the agents per country.

Click on the pictures above to go to the different countries.

DK Wales France

Spain NL


Fleming is 37 years old. He can fly and drops cabbages from the sky to feed the poor.He really likes food and beats hunger and starvation.


The corona man

Super agent Helle has helped to invent a climat friendly electric plane and has a frozen glass to predict people's future. She can fly, jump super high and run fast with her long legs.

The corona man. The superpowers of the secret agent: our agent can see corona and eat the virus. It can make weak people immune to the virus. He will always cure new viruses.

The Danishsecretagents

The spanish secret agents

Agent Rox can look through walls with her laser vision.

Healthy Planet can destroy trash and make smoke and pollution vanish. He can extinct any fire and plant trees.


Agent PalelinkCan transform old materialsinto new ones, transformCO2 into oxygen and eliminatepollution of the oceans

The french secret agents

Code Name : Soso04

Code name : 005

Code name : agent 844.

She can become invisible and can speak with animals.

We never see her and she goes faster than anybody. When she blinks all the garbage goes into a recycle bin.

She can become invisible and cleans the earth just by clapping her hands

The dutch secret agents

CutemanCan make people stop fighting by making them kind.

Laser Woman. She can put the icecaps that are melted back together with her ice cold laser beams from her eyes. She saves icebears and other polar animals from extinction

This is Flash.Her superpower is that she can jump very fast. Her cape helps her. This way she can clean the whole world.

Power Ellie.

She can make plants grow and can make adults and kids clean up after themselves and recycle everything.

Flower Freya

Secret Oxygen Spy.

She can create flowers and then waters them to save the world.

He has a small garden on his head where seeds grow into plants and trees, so they can be planted and provide oxygen. He can shoot clean air which cleans all the polluted air anywhere.

The Welshsecretagents

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You can check the google forms results

to see who is the winner of each of

After voting....

The 5 chosen secret agents will play

the countries.

an important part in our project!