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Presentation of IES El Carmen school for Playing Europe Erasmus+ Project


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Our School is placed in Murcia, in the south-east of Spain. It is called “El Carmen” after the name of the neighbourhood.Historically we started in other building in 1941 but in 2005 we moved to the current one.As they neighbourhood, the school represents the heterogeneous and varied society in Murcia: 15% of the students are immigrants or immigrant descendants coming from 19 different nationalities.

Our school has around 70 teachers and 870 students. The latter, aged 12-18, study Compulsory Secondary Education (CSE) and Post-Compulsory Secondary Education/Bachillerato (PCSE).Students who do not get the secondary school certificate can study a vocational training cycle on Information and Communication Technologies in our school.

IES El Carmen offers a special programme that combines secondary studies with the Conservatory of Music (involving a 25% of our students).The schedule for those students integrates their offical studies in Music with Secondary School classes.The Conservatory of Murcia is located next to the school.

Besides the two main itiniraries in Baccalaureate ("Science" and "Humanities and Social Sciences"), our school offers upper-secondary studies in Arts.Optional "core" subjects in those branch includes Audiovisual culture , Art Foundation, Scenic Arts or Design.

IES El Carmen offers very different opportunities to study outlining the English Bilingual Programme (chosen by about 60% of the students). Our students can also choose German or French as second foreign language.Those Departments organize exchange of students and many other activities.Before "Playing Europe" we have participated in othertwo European projects: "From the literature to the cinema" and "MusicIntegrACCIÓN"

We also participate in the Schools Sports Programme

"Talent Promotion", "School Mediation" and "Responsible Education" are also important programmes in our school.In the "Talent Promotion programme" activities are organized in order our gifted (and other achiever) students can develop their capacities.By the "School Mediation Programme" we work in the conflict resolution between students."Responsible Education Programme" generates activities based on emotional and social education as well as creativity for our students.