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Interphase:the cell is not dividing until late Interphase DNA replicates and the chromosomes double

Prophase:the cell prepares for the separation of its nuclear material; by the end of prophase the chromosome is made up of two strands (chromatids). In late prophase, the centrioles have moved to opposite ends of the nucleus. The microtubules form and extend from pole to pole and attach onto the chromatids. The chromatids/chromosomes begin to move to the equatorial plane of the cell.

Metaphase:Chromatids/chromosomes complete the move to the equatorial plane; metaphase ends when the chromatids are pulled apart to be separate chromosomes.

Anaphase:separation and movement of the two sets of chromosomes to the opposite ends of the cell. Division of cytoplasm starts at the end of anaphase.

Telophase: Chromosomes at opposite ends of the cell where new nuclear membranes form around chromosomes. A new nucleus forms in each new cell when there is a complete separation of the two new cells by the end of telophase. When the separation is complete, the new cells enter the interphase stage.