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Adding Class Notebook

To Your Canvas Course

with these 7 steps

Add App in Canvas Course

Creating Consumer Key and Shared Secret

Adding Content to Your Class NoteBook

Building your Class NoteBook

Distributing Content to Students Class NoteBooks

Reviewing Student Work in Class NoteBook

Embedding Content in Class NoteBook








  1. Open the course that you want to add a OneNote Class Notebook to
  2. Click on settings in the course navigation panel.
  3. Click on the Apps tab across the top
  4. In the search bar type, Onenote
  5. Once you see OneNote Class Notebook click on it
  6. Click on the blue button that reads +add app
  7. A new window will appear asking for a consumer Key and Shared Secret

  1. In your Chrome Browser click on the plus to add a new tab.
  2. visit this website OneNote LTI
  3. Sign in using your Collier Credentials
  4. Under your LMS Registrations find the Purple Button that says register a new LMS
  5. Name your Class NoteBook click Register
  6. You will see the Consumer Key and Secret Password
  7. Copy one code at a time and paste it back in your Canvas Course
  8. Click Add App button

  1. Press the refresh button to see Class Notebook in your Course Navigation Panel, click on it
  2. Follow the onscreen set up wizard, start by naming the Class NoteBook, click Next
  3. The following window is a quick overview of the different features in the Class NoteBook, click Next
  4. Here you will be able to add any other teachers to your Class NoteBook that may add content or need to review student work, start typing their CCPS user ID their names will populate, select the name of the teacher you are adding, click Next
  5. Adding student names, you have 2 choices, We suggest the top option, where students automatically get added when they log in for the first time, click next
  6. Choose what sections students will see, you can add, delete or edit the names of sections that are already populated, click next
  7. In this section you can see a preview of what both the teacher and the student sections of the Class NoteBook will look like, click Create

  1. Once you have created your Class Notebook you want to click on the (Open in OneNote Online)
  2. The pages all have helpful tips and suggestion on how to use them
  3. Set up the welcome page, it will be a read only for students, and is a great place to put directions for using the Class NoteBook or Announcements, delete any pages that you no longer need
  4. The Collaboration space is for students to work together
  5. Content Library is a place to store read only resources for students to reference
  6. Teacher Only is a place to create content that you will be pushing out into student NoteBooks

  1. Click on the Class NoteBook Tab
  2. Click Review Student Work, a panel will open on the right side of the screen
  3. Choose the section of the student NoteBooks that you want to review, click Next
  4. Choose the Page you want to review from each student, click Next
  5. You will see a list of student names, click on the students name to see their work
  6. You can annotate, or leave stickers on students work as you review them

  1. Click on the link to see a complete list of items that will embed into OneNote Class NoteBook Embed content in OneNote
  2. Watch the video below for the "OneNote Embed, The Ultimate Guide"

  1. Once you have created content in your teacher section click on the page or section that you want to distribute to Student NoteBooks
  2. Find the Class NoteBook Tab, click
  3. In the Class NoteBook Tab, find Distribute Page, choose how which students to distribute content to
  4. On the right side a window will pop up, choose which section of the Class Notebook you want the content to appear for students, click Distribute
  5. NOTE* you can not distribute content until students are enrolled in the Class Notebook