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Is the family of the LGBTQ community

You can talk to one of our moms by calling the Helpline at713-46-PFLAG (713-467-3524) ​or by email at HelplinePFLAGhouston@gmail.com

You are not alone.

pflag moms

The heart of PFLAG

small groups

Share your stories, your experiences, your sorrows and your joy. We are all on our own paths, but we can travel together.

''PFLAG is made up of moms, dads, family and friends who can help by sharing their stories and experiences.''

"The groups were vital in helping me realize that supporting and loving my son on his journey is all that is needed."

Miss Anne Stovall

"Talking with other parents calmed my fears and worries. After the call I knew everything would be okay and that I was not alone. My family's journey with PFLAG began. "

Janice Anderson

"More times than I can count, I have seen folks leave our meetings feeling a whole lot better than they did coming in."

Barbara Larsen

PFLAG is family

"We are excited about what the future holds and will continue to learn so we can be the parents our kids deserve!"

Aaron & Erika Richie

Cort and Pratik

"At PFLAG I found community, friendship, and support. About a year later, I met Pratik. We’ve been married for over two years now, and I’m happier than I ever imagined I could be. I don’t think I would be where I am now if PFLAG hadn’t been there for me when I needed it."

PFLAG is family

" We built a strong, loving support network through PFLAG that welcomed my child as their true self, with open arms."

Coleman Family

Rosemary cloud

"PFLAG became my refuge, a place where my "'purple' son was celebrated, not condemned. I laughed and cried with parents who shared their hopes and dreams for their children, as well as their worries and fears. I learned with them and I marched with them. "

"The open and welcoming people in PFLAG shared their experiences of parenting and loving their LGBTQ+ children and relatives, and we gained a better understanding of LGBTQ+ individuals through conversations and education."

Mandy Giles




PFLAG has a three-fold mission






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Music, Chance Encounter, by David Hilowitz

Guide to Being a Trans Ally. pdf

What is PFLAG? pdf