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Mathematics And Daily Life

eTwinning project

"Creativity and technology in mathematics design"


Mathematics in our homes...

More examples from everyday life ...


Fractions and percentages

Use the percentage and fraction to show the proportion of red cubes in the FORTNITE!

The area of ​​a rectangle

How many liters of paint should be used to paint the side shelves?
How much money will we spend if a liter of orange costs 24.99kn?

Dividing rational numbers

How many stones are in a glass jar if they weigh 425 grams together and one stone weighs 3.5 grams?

Volume of geometric bodies

  • How many liters of liquid fit in a cylinder-shaped jar?

  • How many liters of liquid fit in a cone-shaped jar?

Fractions and percentages

Express in a fraction what part of the cube is blue!

Express in a percentage what part of

the cube is red!


Refrigerator display -
display integers, compare integers

Fractions, mixed numbers and weight

Fractions and mixed numbers

Fruit weight in grams

Axial symmetry

Axial symmetry in the bathroom mirror

Degrees and axial symmetry

How many degrees does the big hour hand move when it moves 1 minute?
The reflection of the shells on the side of the clock...


How many 5 cm thick books fit on a 32.5 cm long shelf?


The cyclist has the number 3 on the thermometer. How many integers does he need to get to the snowman?
(Snowman is at number -4)

The area of ​​a rectangle

What is the area of ​​the picture if the frame is 40 cm wide and 30 cm long?

Percentages and days of the month

Expressions in percentage of what part of the month of October refers to Sundays

Fractions, percentages

What part of the pizza was eaten?

Convert units of measure and compare decimal numbers

  • Show student weight in kilograms and grams!

  • Compare student weight!

Rational numbers

The amount of moisture in the air shown as a percentage - show the percentage as a decimal number and an unbreakable fraction!


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