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Population Demographics - Census Report, 2019

Community Profile - ESRI Tapestry, 2020

LifeMode Group:Metro RentersMedian Income: $67,00020.2% Homeowning, 79.8% RentingAnnual pop. growth: 1.8%

Regional School Demographics - KidsCount Data Center and National Center for Education Statistics

104 Local Schools

Youth (0-18) Statistics:Population - 41,634 (2010)Families recieve Cash Assistance - 8% (2014-2018)Receiving SNAP Benefits - 19,225 (2019)Poverty Rate - 34.3% (2014-2018)Receiving Medical Assistance - 39,508 (2019)Children in Singe Parent Families - 46% (2010)

Pop: 179,875

18.4 Sq Ml.

Sources: Census Report 2019, ESRI Tapestry 2020, National Center for Education Statistics

Community Demographics and Community Profile

Providence, RICommunity Data Map: Providence Public Library

Ethinic Breakdown:44% Hispanic32% White15% African-American/Black5% Asian2% Multiracial

Educational Attainment:16% No Degree30% High School Degree21% Some College18% Bachelors Degree15% Post-grad Degree

Providence School District:PreK-12 Students: 23,955Students with IEP: 4,0227.6 Identify wth Disability