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Want to apply?The Louvain School of Management (LSM) offers world-class courses and highly specialized options based on advanced research. LSM focuses on excellence and on an ethical approach to business studies and business practices. The school proposes two Master Programmes (Master in Management and Master in Business Engineering) and offers the possibility to tailor your programme with some French courses.Located close to the capital of Europe, LSM is the Faculty of Management of the Université catholique de Louvain, one of the oldest universities in Europe, providing opportunities for interdisciplinary and multicultural experiences.Accredited by the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) since 2006, LSM has an extended international network and is the unique Belgian member of CEMS, the Global Alliance in Management Education and PIM network.

When are you coming?

First TERM

Fall semester

From mid-September to end of January


spring semester

From end of January to end of June

When are you coming?

First TERM

Fall semester

From mid-September to end of January


spring semester

From end of January to end of June

First Term - Fall Semester

Registration deadline15/05/21

Mandatory Orientation day10/09/21

Exam Session

Courses start13/09/21




Winter/Study Break



Second Term - Spring Semester

Registration deadline15/11/21

Orientatio & Courses start28/01/22

Global Citizenship Seminar01-02/02/22 (TBC)


Study Period Break



Exam Session



Spring Break





Living Costs in Belgium

Monthly Rent (private housing) = ~ 600-900€

From Brussels to Louvain-la-Neuve = 5,50€

Cinema Ticket = 8€

Lunch at a restaurant (non university) = 10-13€

Bread (800 gr.) = 2,10€

Sandwich = 3,50€

Milk (1L) = 0,60-1€

Coffee = ~3€

Sports membership = 30€

Printing in Black & White: 0,06€ per pagePrinting in Colour: 0,20€ per page

Lunch at a university restaurant= 3,35€

Monthly Rent (UCL Housing) = between 280€ and 345€

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Louvain-la-Neuve (Campus)

Train Station

Bus Station

City Hall

Aula Magna (concerts, spectacles, events)

Louvain School of ManagementLSM International Office

UCLouvain Housing Service


Tourist Office

Institut des Langues Vivantes (ILV)

Cinescope Cinema

Jean Vilar Theater

Hergé Museum

Parc de la Source

Shopping Mall L'Esplanade

Blocry Sports Center

Athletics Tracks

L Museum

Swimming Pool

"Casa" Students Party Club

Why Belgium?

FoodBelgium is reknowned for its fries (the best ones in the world!), chocolate, waffles, Spéculoos and mussels. Amongts our culinary specialities:Boulet liégeois: meatballs with beer sauce. They are mainly eaten in Liège.Tarte à l'djote : a culinary speciality of Nivelles, it is a savoury tart made with cheese, chard and butter.Stoemp: mashed potatoes mostly mixed with carrots, onion and leeks.PeopleAlmost everybody speaks English without difficulties. Belgians have a great sense of humour and love to meet new people.Places to visitIn addition to all the cities there are to visit (Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Anvers, Namur...), Belgium offers a large variety of landscapes. In the North, we find the North Sea with its beaches and dunes and in the South, we find the Ardennes with its vast forests and the Fagnes further East. You can go hiking in the countryside or kayaking on the Lesse, Semois and Ourthe rivers.BeerBelgium is known worldwide for the remarkable number of beers produced on its territory as well as for the variety of different styles. They range from the very popular "pils" to the exclusively Belgian names of lambic, old brunette, red beer or raw beer, as well as the famous Trappist beers and other abbey or seasonal beers.Our locationSince Belgium is a rather small country, everything is close and the trips between cities are not too long. It is also relatively easy to visit our neighbours such as France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, or even England.

Why Louvain-la-Neuve?

Louvain-la-Neuve is home to UCLouvain’s 30,000 students and a growing population. You will find everything you need from facilities and services as well as cultural, sporting and leisure activities never more than a 15min walk away from where you live. Built around the university facilities, the town was made for and by its students.In a unique architectural concept, the city gives priority to pedestrians in the centre, where streets, squares and green spaces intertwine.


Caroline GILLARD


CEMSExchange coordinator

Contact information

Ambra Cardinali

CEMSProgramme Manager

Sandra Gilet

CEMSCorporate Relations Manager


Living in Begium

Information about opening a bank account, getting a mobile phone subscription, healthcare in Belgiumn etc.

Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs

Information about legalisation of documents, protocols, policies, studying/working in Belgium, etc.

LSM Website

ILV French Courses

UCLouvain accommodation

Practical info for exchange students at UCLouvain

Information about how to apply, your first steps at LSM, FAQ, etc.

All you need to know to take French classes during your exchange

What, when, how

Everything you need to know



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Living in Louvain-la-Neuve

Did you know that the Belgian healthcare system is one of the best in Europe? Many doctors/specialists and pharmacists are available in the center of Louvain-la-Neuve.International visitors who stay in Belgium for more than three months must join a Belgian health insurance scheme ("mutuelle" or "mutualité").

Most students live in a "kot". A kot is a shared apartment with 2-10 flatmates. Each person has their own room, but they share common areas such as the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room.There are several ways to get a room:1)UCL housing serviceThe monthly cost (excluding amenities) of a student house varies betwen 280€and 345€. You must also take into account thesecurity deposit of 150€.You can fidn more information and apply for a university housing here:https://uclouvain.be/en/study/accomodation/about.html3)UCL Project-based accommodation ("Kot à projets")Use the following"Request accommodation" online form!Once in Belgium, you will need to go to "Service logement" in Louvain-la-Neuve to sign your contract. Go early to wait in line!! Students are served on a "first arrived, first served" basis.4)Private owner(FR)5)Real estate agencyAll the alternatives can be found here. Attention: whether you choose a private owner or a real estate agency, you will need a residence permission. Ask the landlord to draft a domiciliation form and sign the contract that states that you are the owner of that specific address.Do not hesitate to look for opportunities on Facebook by searching "colocation LLN", "kot LLN", "appartement LLN", etc. You can also contact "Kot Erasmus" and reserve one of their 28 beds for only 5€ per night during the first 2 weeks of each semester, for 3 consecutive days maximum.

All sorts of restaurants and Snacks are open on the campus. It ranges from Italian food to Kebabs, French fries, Asian food or Sushi restaurants. There is also the University Restaurant Service which offers healthy, balanced meals at reasonable prices. Otherwise, most students eat sandwiches for lunch.

Supermarkets in Louvain-la-Neuve: Delhaize, Spar, Färm (local and organic products), Aldi...As for shops, you cannot miss the Shopping mall called "L'Esplanade". You can buy clothes, books, furniture, food, shoes, self-care products, jewellery, you name it. Other shops can also be found in the center (videogames, flower shops, Fnac, book shops, hairdressers, beauty centers, etc.).

Most students will connect to the country’s mobile networks without difficulties. The only exception is those traveling from a country that uses the CDMA– including Japan, parts of the US, and Canada. However, many smartphones will still connect on arrival although you should check with your operator beforehand on the costs you can face. In case your phone doesn't connect to the Belgian network, you can buy a pre-paid mobile phone (30€ for basic models).Roaming charges within the EU are abolished since 2017: EU students arriving in Belgium will likely be able to use their phone at the same rates they would enjoy at home; including data usage.There arethree main mobile phone service providers:ProximusOrangeTelenet-Base

It is fairly easy to travel in Belgium, since most cities have train and bus stations. In Louvain-la-Neuve, everything is accessible by foot because the city is car-free. It is not rare to meet students travelling with a kick scooter.

In Belgium, almost everything can be paid by card, even for tiny sums– so acquiring a payment card is necessary. Please note that payment by check is no longer possible.Several banks have campus branches, which are generally open from 9 am to 3 pm on weekdays and have 24-hour ATM service.Opening an account requires the following documents:passport or identification card;proof of residence in Belgium (a lease with Belgian address);for students, proof of university enrolment; for UCLouvain employees, an employment contract.Be advised that certain banks will also request proof of registration with the municipality (‘commune’).

City Hall registration (mandatory for all non-Belgians)When?As soon as possible after your arrival. To start the process, you must live in your Belgian accommodation or come at the earliest 1 week before the official start of your contract. Make sure you bring original documents, the City Hall will make copies.Where?Voie des Hennuyers, 1, Louvain-la-Neuve (near the train station).Opening hours: Mond. 12:30-7pm / Tues-Fri. 8:30am-12:30pmWhy?This registration is needed for internet and mobile subscription, to open a bank account, for job contracts, etc.You need a file containing1. Signed housing contract2. ID card or Passport (and student visa (APS) for Non-EU students)3. 2 identical passport-size photos (clear face, white background, no smile or teeth, photo booth at the SPAR if needed)4. 5€ administrative fee5. UCLouvain « Proof of Registration » available on your MyUCL6. Proof of health insurance valid in Belgium (private, European or Belgian « mutuelle »)7. Non-EU students only: if you have a grant, the original proof of fellowship or financial statement (Annex 32)4-STEP PROCESS for NON-EU STUDENTS1. Go to the City Hall with your file to start your registration. You will receive an Annex 15 (temporary Residence Permit)2. The police will visit your place to check that you indeed live there3. After the police’s passage, go back to the City Hall to ask for your Residence Permit4. Wait for your activation code (will come by post to your Belgian address) then go back to the City Hall to retrieve your Permit.4-STEP PROCESS for EU STUDENTS1. Go to the City Hall with your file to start your registration.2. Receive the Annex 8 (proof of registration)3. The police will visit your place to check that you indeed live there4. If needed, you can order an electronic ID card


CEMS coursesSoft Skill SeminarsBusiness ProjectsJob fairsConferencesCompany visits


Blocry Sports CenterBlocry Swimming PoolAthletics TracksVarious Fitness centers (JIMS, Basic Fit...)


Cinemawith movies in original versions (English subtitles)TheaterSpectacles, concerts, events at Aula MagnaFestivalsMuseums (Musée Hergé, Musée L)


Big student parties at Casa and other student-driven placesBowlingBarsBilliard roomKaraoke nightsKAP parties (Cheese & Wine, literary meetups, board-games nights, manga-fans meetups, story-telling nights, improvisation competitions, etc.)ConcertsFestivalsBig social events (24h vélo, Bal des bleus, Bal des busés...)