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Where are we?


Hello. We are the students from Spain. Can you find our country in a world map?


Where are we?

Well done!!Spain is divided inautonomous communities. Where do you think that our capital is?


Where are we?

Good job, guys!!We are not from the Spanish capital, we are in an autonomous community called Extremadura. Can you find it?


Where are we?

You're doig the game perfectly!!Now something easier. The autonomous communities are divided in provinces too. We live in a city in Badajoz. Can you find this province?


Where are we?

You're just finishing :)Badajoz has a lot of counties. Our city is in the county of Tierra de Barros. Do you know where it is?

Tierra de Barros

This is a monument on a city from the county of Tierra de Barros

Where are we?

Make the last effort !! (ºoº)You've come very far. Now you only need to find Almendralejo, our city. Good luck !


Where are we?

You've almost finished. Read the text below to know more about our high school.When you finish, please, press here -->

IES Carolina Coronado

Our high school is called IES Carolina Coronado. Its name is because of a famous Spanish writer who was born in our city, Almendralejo. It was built more than 50 years ago.Here you can study since secondary school to A-level. There are vocation training too.The teachers are easy going and the students are very friendly. While we study, we have a good time!You can see a photo of our high school on the left.

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