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Canvas is our digital learning management system that all students use for both in school/virtual instruction. It's important for you to understand this platform as well in order to help your student(s).Want to become an observer of your student(s)?Canvas offers access into a student's account by allowing an observer to create an account as well to observe what students see.Set up an observer account by going to thislink- Choose "Parent of a Canvas User?"You will need a student pairing code, you can access this from the student's Canvas account by following these steps foundhere.You can also call the school to speak with Ms. McLamb for the code as well @ 980-330-1330 or 704-857-1161 ext 29.Already have an account?You can log in by going to thislinkHere is avideo guideon account registration and student pairing if needed.For assistance or questions with your observer access, use the following guides:Canvas Observer VideoTutorialCanvas Observer GuideCanvas Parent App VideoCanvas Parent App Guide

PowerSchool is our student data platform that houses grades, schedules and other related data.Every student has access to view their grades within PowerSchool through their IAM (Rapididentity) account or the PowerSchool App (located in Self Service on iPad home screen)If you would like to set up a Parent Portal Account to view your student's grades, teacher info or student data, you can set up or log into that portal by clickinghere. Our district code (in case needed in set up) is: JNTRThere is also a PowerSchool Parent App as well.PowerSchool FAQ's

Remote Students:- Call the District Help Desk @ 980-330-1078- Call the school @ 980-330-1330 or 704-857-1161 ext 29 to explain the situation- You can also bring device to school office during normal school hours. Please understand that if the problem cannot be fixed in less than 10 mins, a ticket to the Technology Department will need to be created and processed.In School Students:Bring the device to the Help Desk located in the media center or to Ms. McLamb's office in the back left corner of the media center.On remote days, follow remote student guide.When a charger is broken or lost:You will need to purchase a new one on your own. These are the same chargers that fit iPhones.The charger needed for your iPad: 61W USB-CAmazonWalmart

NEED A HOTSPOT FOR WIFI ACCESS?The district provides students who need a wifi connection in their homes witha Hotspot. If this is a need that you have, please notify the school by calling Ms. McLamb @ 980-330-1330 or 704-857-1161 ext 29 or calling the District Help Desk @ 980-330-1078.EXPERIENCING WIFI CONNECTION ISSUES AT HOME?Step 1: On the iPad: Go toSettings>General>Reset Network Settings. The iPad will turn off automatically. This resets Wifi networks and passwords that you've used before.Step 2: When iPad starts back up, Go toSettings>WiFi>Reconnectto your home wifi.Step 3: Once connected,immediately open Safaribrowser and type in www.rssed.org in URL.Step 4:Zscalerlog in screen will pop up and ask for a username and password.Studentusernameis lastname + first initial + middle initial + last 3 digits of student id #Ex. smithca123Studentpasswordis student id #If theCanvas app is not working properly, please access Canvas through a student's Rapididentity account usingChrome(found in Self Service on student home screen, if not already downloaded)Student can locatedRapididentitylog in by going towww.rssed.org,Staff Links,Staff Links Cont.,NC IAM (Rapididentity)Studentusernameis student id #Studentpasswordis student specific- if the student does not know their password, encourage they reach out to a teacher or call|go see Ms. McLamb or Mrs. Phillips @ 980-330-1330 or 704-857-1161

AT SCHOOL:IF you can answer YES to any of these questions encourage student to bring device in to the Help Desk (Media Center) for assistance:Apps are not downloading from Self ServiceMy Internet is not working at either home or at schoolWeb pages are loading funny or blockedMy device is not working properly, damaged or lostFROM HOME:Call the District Help Desk980-330-1078Current Hours- 10 am-3 pm

IAM Rapididentity (Student Browser Portal)Can be accessedhereUsername: Student id #Password: student specific (everyone has a different one)If your student cannot get into their IAM account for any reason- first point of contact is:Anyone of their current teachersIf need is immediate- call or encourage they go see Ms. McLamb or Mrs. Phillips980-330-1330 or 704-857-1161 ext 29Gmail or CleverStudent log in info:Username- lastname + first initial + middle initial + last 3 digits of student id # ex: smithca123Password- student id #App or Websites specific to classesContact that teacher- usually they have access to see or change your student's login info