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City of Glasgow College will deliver a Blended Model of Learning for Academic Year 20/21.,Learning & Teaching Delivery 2020-2021,Start,1,Introduction,This information is offered to provide guidance and expectations for delivery of learning and teaching for 20/21.,more...,2,City of Glasgow College will deliver a Blended Model of Learning for Academic Year 20/21..,This will allow us to continue learning and teachingfor students and staff who may be shielding or otherwise protecting.,we shouldall familiaries ourselves with the Learning Standard.,Learning and teaching:,We are working on the basis that we will have limited access to our campuses throughout the academic year.,more...,more...,more...,2,Social distance:,Examinations (only where necessary and required by Reg body)There are Key Groups of students who would be prioritised. to attend:,Guidance/peer support/tutorials class cohesion.Practical classes including: Use of technical/manufacturing equipment labs.,It is clear that some form of social distancing measures will be the norm for the foreseeable future and because of this...,Social distancing measures:,Key reasons:,Examination changes:,more...,more...,more...,4,Courses to be delivered using MyCitywhere practically possible,Developed and Produced byThe Learning Technologies Team,Course look and designensuring continuity and quality of delivery,Digital first approach to curriculum delivery:,3. Learning Standard approach,1. Digital first approach,2. Essential course continuity,Learning Standard,more...,more...,more...,5,The Learning and Teaching Academy will provide a comprehensive range of developmental activities and resources to support individual staff and curricular teams, including use of the Standard.,Staff support for digital delivery:,A schedule of activity is available from the Webinar webpages. It is imperative that teaching staff and teams avail themselves of these opportunities during the extra time afforded by the delay in the ‘formal’ teaching College Calendar 20/21.,Coming soon!Learning Technologies are currently working on a series of short pedagogy / andragogy instructional videos to support staff with designing their learning content using various tools and technologies. Look out for an email update on this soon.,Remember!Support is also available from your faculty assigned Learning Technologist.,https://cityofglasgowcollege.libguides.com/webinars,6,Enterprise ZOOM,800 licenses - only 700 academic.Primarily used for academic teaching delivery with collaboration.,The college has purchased Enterprise Zoom with full functionality for the coming Academic Year,Microsoft Teams,We have purchasedfull license status to complement our MS Teams platform,Primarily used for internal & inter-departmental meetings.Will be available for student access early in new session.,Zoom and Microsoft Teams,more...,more...,7,Course delivery must comprise a balance of...,How long should a synchronous,Asynchronous learning,Synchronous sessions,on-line learning activities,Course delivery,Course delivery balance:,more...,more...,more...,Please see Glosssary for specilised words and definitions.,8,Key practical activities:,Student opportunities,Key practical activities,Access to relevant materials,Curated Collections,Review and update Course Overviews,Please see Glosssary for specilised words and definitions.,9,Library service offers...,Webinars and resources...,areon demandcovering accessing and utilising onlinedigital resources and databases and also expert advice and support for referencing and research skills with access to the global toolCite them Right.,has created over 140 online library guides that cover all areas of the curriculum. These can be linked to within MyCity course area to give you and your student’s direct access to content. ,The library team...,access to resources, services and physical spacesfor staff and students at City of Glasgow College.Libraries have evolved to become services that blend both digital and printed resources.,Library Services:,Visit theLibrary services for staff Guide,and direct student to the new to the library Guide for further details.,For all support queries contact library@cityofglasgowcollege.ac.uk.,10,Academic changes:,There are numerous benefits associated with online assessment including the ability for some platforms to auto-mark student work...,With the current pandemic situation, it is preferable to maintain newalternative assessment processes and methodologies...,As a result of the changes made to the academic year and the extensive use of online delivery, it is necessary to convert many assessments to...,Management and Delivery of Assessment and Feedback:,Dynamic nature:,Academic changes:,more...,more...,more...,11,writing new assessments toreplace closed book/exam conditions.These may require Awarding Body endorsement/approval.,should be available fromAwarding Bodiese.g. SQA’s SOLAR and C&Gs Evolve system.,where possible convertpaper-based assessments into e-assessments - liaise with the Learning Technologies team for support.,Management and Delivery of Assessment and Feedback continued:,look for opportunities tointegratesummative assessments.,Formative assessment,use this as theprimary mechanismto evidence student engagement, and monitor progress, knowledge and understanding.,Summative assessment,Online assessment,e-assessment,New assessment,As part of the assessment planning & design process all staff will be expected to implement these measures:,1,2,3,4,5,12,Management and Delivery of Assessment and Feedback continued:,Auto-marking, self- assessment and peer assessment,Integrate assessment,Record feedback,earlyto allow students to work at their own pace.,Release assessment,all courses should make regular and routine use of low-stakes (formative) testing and assessment and maximise opportunities available.,wherever possible to reduce assessment burden and take a holistic approach.,as a course team andadvise students to enable them to plan their time & study.,Schedule assessment,to let students hear a recognised / familiar voice which can help them understand feedback more effectively than just written text.,7,8,10,9,6,13,Schedule remote pre-verification, standardisation and internal verification sessions. ,To support this Curriculum teams should...,Internal Quality Assurance:,It is vital that teaching teams work effectively with their colleagues from the Quality team to ensure a high-quality and student learning experience that is underpinned by sufficient oversight and scrutiny. ,1,Contact sqaresources@cityofglasgowcollege.ac.uk to request copies of Assessment Support Packs (ASPs). ,2,All college devised instruments of assessment should be internally verified thensent to SQA to be prior verified before use. Contactsqaresources@cityofglasgowcollege.ac.uk to request this.,3,Electronic Master Folders should be created and stored centrally to ensure content is accessible by relevant teaching teams. ,4,14,Engage Team members in arrangements and be mindful of individual staff needs when planning.,Work with Students Association to support the class rep system (including peer review).,Have regular course and cross-campus team meetings to review student progress.,Schedule check points for delivery to review how well the approach is working for staff and students; to review government guidance changes; to review student feedback and make timely adjustments.,Internal Quality Assurance continued:,Schedule remote pre-verification, standardisation and internal verification sessions.,5,6,7,8,9,15,THANKS!,This document is an organic one and will be updated regularly. Look out for notifications of this on our twitter account and via your email.